Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunny June

I am looking and feeling just like sunshine with MAC's Pro Longwear eyeshadow in Always Sunny which is the only way to be. The good thing about this brand is that it basically is good for being water-proof and delivering good results of lasting 24 hours plus. Also, I used Revlon Pink Cloud Shine (801) lipstick which is filled with moisture. (Do not mind the marks left on my nose from my sunglasses.) What a sunny June day that will becoming to a close with a bang.

I actually have the CC cream on my face, which is below

Looks like I am in a haze but really it is a heat wave and having a higher power watching over me.

Stormy Weather

What lovely refreshing weather I have experienced for the past two days. The thunder and lightening was just what Mother nature needed for now to cleanse things. Anyways it is amazing how amazing the environment feels after a storm. Really all women are a brick house personified no matter how they are built. Being naturally beautiful to wash away all the toxic feelings and emotions from the insides is essential. Oh and nothing like some stormy weather to clear the air.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach Blonde

I am loving my new hairstyle although this is not exactly what I am used to since I have never been this blonde. However, this haircolor is so perfect for Summer and carefree.

Los Angeles Tan

Vacation Style

When it comes to getting away, it is nothing more than a state of mind. With a straw hat to shield my face from the sun and a sundress makes things perfect for summer fun. The best thing about vacation style is being and feeling completely natural with sunscreen (meaning no make-up) . Well there are some exceptions like some lipgloss, lipstick, bronzer if you must and other things. Oh and there is nothing that compares to summer loving along with the natural beauty of Mariah Carey's voice and make-up looks as well as her long locs.

I absolutely love the remake of Prince's The Beautiful Ones which sends me flying away to serenity or a dreamland.

Pink Cloud lipstick

When the temperatures are high it is always nice to have summer loving with beautiful people that are at peace with themselves. Oh Darling, cause you will always be my baby.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jazzy Day

What a day oh what a day. I mean I was kind of a hot mess with being completely natural with only lipstick and moisturizer suited me well. The weather was hot and humid and the Potomac river was peaceful. Before the photoshoot at the Moca Art Gallery in Georgetown I had my pictures taken and later enjoyede some live Jazz Music at HR-57 in the Atlas District of Washington, DC. I was feeling revived that I had to dance to the Cuban/Spanish music once I cooled down.

The model: Before

After with glittery eyes and glossy lips that is natural

The make-up that I used on her for Foundation was Iman sticks in Earth 3 and 6, Covergirl Queen Collection bronzer, Black radiance liquid eyeliner, Stiletto mascara, Ruby Kisses gloss and NYX gloss and some blush. Very fun and interesting photo shoot and I met another make-up artist Aleah C.

Love the Jazz music

Plate 2 of 4

Plate 4 of 4

The presence of the lord was there and I felt it in the atmosphere.

Medusa effect- don't look her in the eyes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

After Sun Care

As the summer days get hotter and we soak up the sun rays I know what helps to relieve the skin. Also, after  coming from the pool or beach it is necessary to cleanse and get rid of the chemicals that are residing on the skin. This ritual is perfect for cooling the skin whether or not you have a sunburn. It is amazing how being in the sun all day can naturally raise the bodies temperature which is why staying hydrated is very important in the summer.

Not only is Nozema good for the face but the whole body as well.

The first step is to run bath water than pour a generous amount( 1/2 cup to 1 cup) of the Village Company therapy aches and pains relief Bath Mineral Soak. 

Than the next step is to rub the noxema on your face and allover legs, arms, abs, back and just massage in to cleanse. If you have a 12 oz. jar you can apply as much as needed because the amount is a lot to work with and lasts for at least two months. You just let it sit for awhile and rinse off and the bath water than may look like it contains a babies spit up after drinking milk.

Great for the skin on the face as well as all over the body

You will be able to feel the difference of your skin and notice that it is smooth and naturally moist. Following these steps may also be the key to dealing with ingrown hairs or preventing them because this cleansing really gets the excess oil out of the follicles. Using soap or what you normally cleanse with is optional but I did not add anything else to my skin and I feel very clean and clear. After the skin will feel cool and softer. I am happy I tried this new approach and made me think that I should have been doing this all along and is something I will continue to do.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


PI does not only stand for Private investigator but also synonymous with the two books I have been into lately. As someone who is very deep into meditation and aware of the energy that people put out I thought these two books to be very revealing and interesting. The two books are Psychic Intelligence and Psychic Intuition. 

People so often look for happiness and acceptance from outside sources when all that matters is how you feel about yourself. Everyone can and has the right to make themselves happyand if for some reason they can not find that contentment than they are blocking out their true self or spirit. Following and listening to what you feel deep inside is more than common sense will be the cause of people not realizing what is weighing them down. These books were very insightful to what happiness is and how one can become their higher self.

The key to both of these books is intuition which is listening to what information the body is telling you or what you perceive to going on in the surroundings. Everyone's thoughts create the energy that they are giving off in the atmosphere, and Kendrick Lamar's song Bitch, Don't Kill my Vibe really testifies to being more aware of how other's may be feeling.

What does this have to do with skin well this intuition of mines helps with finding out what may be causing breakouts like diet and other factors on the body. Some things are not meant to be understood but they sure can be felt. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Behind the Beauty...

Lies a wonderful photographer and awesome make-up artist along with amazing grace. When I was slimmer and loved going to the gym religiously like a old lady that gets all dressed up for church I was priviledged to work with Bryan Benoit. What a pleasure it is to work with someone talented in photography that has so much passion. His work is so sensual, soulful, sexy and elegant. I love his black and whites the most and they kind of remind me of the third album art from Beyonce's I AM...

I just have to bring things back to be reminded of where I am now and why I love doing make-up. The whole process of creating and being apart of the fantasy that inspires people is wonderful. From once doing modeling because I was qualified but with no passion was really pointless. The key to life is not to take any suggestions from anyone unless they plan on financing what they are talking about. In love with the support and less suggestions that have no substance.

I flashback to a time when I fit the mold or played a part I outgrew to be behind the beauty. Oh and can anyone guess what is wrong in any of the photos below?

A bunch of kisses and hugs.  XOXO

My right arm is missing, my hair is unnaturally straight and the bottom half  of my left leg is missing as well.

So when people love to give their free advice (aka opinion) about what you should be doing than this explains it all...

H&M takeover

I am amazed to have found how popular H&M has become in the USA and especially in the DC metropolitan area. This comes as no wonder because they have some pretty reasonable prices for fashions that are way better than Forever 21. The way the clothes are made are for the really thin and are cut according to the European standard making me a size 10 to 12 in bottoms and a 8 or S/M in tops. 

Anyways I just find it appalling or just a little ridiculous that the newest H&M stores that have opened replaced big time bookstore chains. The only thing that says is that society or "pop-ular" society is only concerned with what is going on outside of course. It appears that the wave of the future and what I am catching onto is being fashion obsessed with the price of loosing brains or books.

Well the bottom line is that there is no longer a Barnes & Nobles in Union Station and a Borders in Silver Springs.