Wednesday, June 12, 2013

H2O Plus

A new line that I discovered that is very hydrating for the skin and offers some of the best ingredients would be H2O Plus. H2O + is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois like a majority of other beauty brands, but what separates this from the others is that the key ingredients come from the Sea. 

Really, when it comes to great skin the sea does unlock a lot of the secrets to creating a youthful glow. There are so many specific collections apart of H2O + that meet the needs of different skin types. Other brands may say that they are this and that but H2O+ list all their ingredients in a glossary so you know what is being put into their products. 

If you have oily skin, dry skin or aging skin than H2O+ has something for you and really helps with sensitive skin types. With H2O+ I have found what I have been fishing for all along with skincare products.

I have yet to try out their other collections, but I know they are very high in quality. I have yet to use a eye-make up remover that does not irritate one bit and gets rid of all the residue from eye make-up. The bottom line is that when you have a water based skincare line that uses the science of marine biology you can not go wrong.

Catching the Wellness fever

I did not wear fishnet tights today for nothing.

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