Sunday, October 20, 2013

The beauty of Melanin

One of my favorite skincare lines is "Nuance" from the beautiful Salma Hayek who is Mexican and Lebanese, which  explains why she is great to look at. This line has been out since August 2011 with high quality ingredients for affordable prices.

So far the products I have tried is the body scrub as well as the exfoliating enzyme mask. Not only does this product line have cleansers and moisturizers but make-up as well. Here is a review from a blogger and the greatest thing about the products is they smell delicious and feel great on the skin as well.

Isn't she lovely

Released October 2005

What a lovely book that showcases the reality of history for fashion models and just how beautiful skin that contains or produces melanin really is. This is one of the most impressive beauty books I have seen because it really is a guide of taking care of the skin and how make-up is applied to achieve different looks.

Just in case you do not know the meaning of Melanin, here is one according to the Encyclopedia on this website which is legit.

"Any of several organic compounds, dark biological pigments that give coloration (shades of yellow to brown) to skin, hair, feathers, scales, eyes, and some internal tissues, notably the substantia nigra in the brain. In humans, melanins help protect the skin against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, but melanoma may arise from cells that produce it. The amount in the skin depends on both genetic and environmental factors. Melanin is produced from the amino acid tyrosine; albinos lack the enzyme that catalyzes that reaction."

One of my favorite looks from the book

drama from the or for the Ghetto Fabolous

Friday, October 11, 2013

Blacker the berry, Sweeter the juice

" Just say yes to bronze and no to drugs!"

Everyone knows that bronze, brown and being black is always in style and just better for your health whether or not it brings resentment from fairer skinned and darker skinned people. It is a scientific fact that medium and darker skin tones will age more gracefully due to the amount of melanin and other natural substances in our bodies.

I have been wanting to make a entry about how beautiful I fine darker skin tones and the fact that they show less signs of aging if taken care of. This is a true a story but on my test for becoming liscensed one of the questions was, " Which groups ages faster, according to the FitzPatrick Skin scale?" and all the answers kind of made me feel like the question was racist, but the truth is the truth.

Although the advertisements may be having you think or feel you are not good enough or need to be more fair skinned to be attractive, do not believe the lies because you are beautiful the way you are. I mean if you have a darker skin tone you are not going to be burnt by the sun and are naturally tan, just think about it you were born with a great skin tone now the only thing to do is appreciate what you have.

For the more fair skin ones, I can not stress enought the importance of sunblock and really taking a good look in the mirror. I have another true story which is while I was going to Aveda, one of my guests was very burned from a trip spent in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was suprised because I was like, " you have to protect your skin and can not just be soaking up the rays for how long you want without damage being done."

For those who want to be tan and fair skin the best thing would be to go to a tanning salon because you will only be hurting yourself going out laying in the sun for hours.

Well, although it is in fashion to be tan everyone needs to learn to love themselves inside and out.

The truth is the Bible, and the Daily bread for today is "Gorgeous Inside". (Romans: 8:1-11)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And the Award, for "Most Superficial"...

Goes to...after the drumroll and my introduction.

I learned some fascinating but not too suprising information from being a consumer from the most ungrateful sellers and producers of beauty supplies. I wanted to find out what group of people did the most plastic or cosmetic surgery and it was amazing to discover this because I always have loved Asians exotic looks and mostly everything they seem to want to change. From what I have learned in South Korea the people want to have a more "western" look or whatever that means. Not only do Koreans go overboard but people of other nationalities go to South Korea just to enjoy their doctors.

So the Award for 'Most Superficial" country goes to South Korea and they deserve this because they are true perfectionists in a way.

Just in case you do not know what superficial is, below is the meaning and I found the definition here.

: concerned only with what is obvious or apparent : not thorough or complete
: affecting only the outer part or surface of something : not deep or serious
: lying close to the surface

After South Korea comes some Latin American countries, Greece and Italy in a top 7 list..

If you want to look like a doll permanently and be "plastic" than take a trip to Korea.

Now I understand fully were this Korean man was coming from who works at a shoeshop who told me, " You are so pretty and thin, I am unlucky because I am ugly and big." This is a true story of what he told me and well I guess with all the Korean BBQ and other habits Koreans are naturally on the big side but I still admire their natural intelligence.

The moral of this is that these Koreans in America who have built a fortune from the weave they sale at their beauty supply stores can really thank the "Black community" for making their comfortable lifestyle possible. If no one else can I am going to be truthful and give credit where it is due.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Movie Mondays

Just some views and words I had to share on the latest movie I went to see by Lee Daniel's: The Butler and how it has to do with this DVD I am watching "The Men who Built America".

Yes, I am all natural with no make-up on except my lipgloss by Bare Minerals MarvelousMOXIE in "Maverick".

What a exceptional cast of entertainer's in  "The Butler" who I love like Lenny Kravitz, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Mariah Carey. I recommend you go see this and you will get a real history lesson of how things once were to what things are in the present time.

In a Capitalistic System darlings everything is about class and how you are presenting yourself. To live life with dignity and love what you do while continuing to fight for what is right. I love both of these films because faith is everything and when you are anointed than you are living God's Will.

I love the story of John D. Rockfeller because he was truly blessed and love how he was a devout Christian, continuing to praise God in the Baptist Church. Life should be all about the legacy we are leaving behind in such a temporary state. Our souls are for eternity and when the last breath is taken all that will be left is ashes to ashed and dust to dust.

God bless the humble servants, those who are letting God's will be done and those inventing for the common of good of humanity.

The CEO may have their idea, drive, and other things but without the manpower than they would be nothing.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best type of Nutrition

I recently checked out this DVD that caught my eye because of the title "Food Matters: You are what you eat". I learned some really good stuff and nothing that comes of a suprise such as "Raw" being much healthier than "cooked" food.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables should make up more than half of meals or someone's diet overall which most people do not follow, and as a result the health of us has to suffer.

The truth is vitamins are okay and the body was meant to heal itself when it is being taken care of correctly. Nowadays though abusing the body is accepted because the corruption, as well as evil is ensuring the growth of hospitals and pharmeceutical companies.

What a wonderful planet Earth and Universe God has created with abundant resources that no man-made things are needed for perfect health.

If your food or medicine is not natural than something isn't right.

While attending the Aveda Institute, I was inspired and convinced after watching Food, Inc that any food produced from a cow would not be kasher for me. When I go in the grocery store and look in the meat section to see steak, ground this or that I am somewhat nauseated. How amazing to know what is really going on and although I still eat chicken, seafood and lamb when I go out, they are something that I do not cook. 

I only drink Almond Milk and I absolutely love the goodness of Coconut Milk because of the sweetness and flavor it adds to meals.

There is a better way, I know there has to be and Nutrition is the key because than will our bodies and self be in the best shape.

Both of these movies were released in 2008 and I did not see them until another four years and what a eye-opener to what really matters in life.

I am not consenting to the poison that is being produced for consumers as well as the animal kingdom. All the pollution in our bodies and Mother Earth comes from all the sinful acts done by man.

I am praying for the discipline and self-respect for people to say I disagree with how things are going and literally I am tired of being "sick" from the junk and crap dished out by corrupt ones.

Talk about evil and bad intentions, that are no longer going to unnoticed.

I love how the latest Time magazine is spotlighting Wall Street, and I am amazed because consumers (everyday people) are continuing to take the bullshit.

Let me tell you there is a better way and the best is yet to come. I've told someone before and this is the everyday reality, " I am fighting for my life."

When will we wake-up and know how to value ourselves?

This is a joke...Women lie, men lie; but numbers do not lie.

Sometimes I just am amazed at the threats and lies people have the nerves to be feeding me, it's like they really are begging for me to slap the taste they do not even have to begin with out of their mouths.

Darlings, God is more than Good and prayer truly works.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Falling for Fashion

So I fell in love or have such great admiration for the Fall 2013 collection of Dolce & Gabbana that is really sentimental to me I have decided to start a Fashion Friday.

Not only I am into Beauty and Wellness but all things of Art and Elegance which is seen in a lot of fashion lines.

I got a glimpse of what Dolce & Gabbana is serving up for the Fall in Essence magazine September 2013 issue and how amazing was the dazzles.

Not my photo, credit goes to

I would have made a video for my You Tube channel to describe just how much the embellishments and all the intricate layers reminded me of pure royalty, but I am not trying to scare viewers. Anyways I am in love with the passion of the pieces for this Fall and the way the advertising was executed because I received a bigger scope of life.

The pattern and material of the men's coats are simply magnificent and remind me of pillows my grandmother had with bible scriptured engraved or embossed on them.

I took this from the pages of Details magazine September "Fashion" issue.

So the moral of this entry is that everyone is royalty and should be walking, talking and feeling as though they are. Life is all about love feeling the sweetness from others, and excepting nothing less than the best.

Oh and for all the freaks and just to add a little humor for this Friday. I was riding on the Metro and after getting up from sitting my bottom left this mark. I was so tickled that my bottom made a imprint that reminded me of a vagina so I had to take a picture and share. Who doesn't love Vagina's?

Taken by me

Taken by me
Darlings, this is what life is all about..laughter and having joy in  your heart.

Maybe up next will be the anatomy of the vagina....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

True Beauty

I am very thankful and blessed to now understand what true beauty is all about. 

To tell you the truth that it was not until I asked to be made more beautiful I know exactly what being beautiful is all about. I recently told someone the reality about the insecurity withing myself in the past, "People would always tell me how beautiful or all the other big words for being attractive but I did not believe I was beautiful. The thing is that being beautiful has nothing to do with a look but a feeling, and now more than ever I feel beautiful."

People can give compliments of how great you look but when you are not feeling good than being beautiful can not be your truth. The best thing about being beautiful is that you choose to love yourself and when you have self-love than loving others is as easy as 1-2-3. If there is anything that we owe each other, that would be love and anything less is unacceptable.

As a make-up artist I deal with the superficial and enjoy giving people a fantasy but the truth is that true beauty comes from within and is nothing but love. I have been grateful and happy to be touched by some of the most beautiful souls and that is because they were all about true beauty. The dress size, inches in someone's waist, amount of make-up or skin color does not determine what makes someone really beautiful and so many do not realize that. Attraction or being easy on the eyes is different than being truly beautiful.

I am loving the October issue of Essence magazine because on the cover there is a topic of "beauty: inside and out".

Everything on from what I am seeing on the cover is showing how much beauty starts and can be found inside. What an amazing feeling to be able to give love coming from a pure heart. 

All the bullying and abuse that goes on is just coming from people who may feeling ugly and have chosen to oppose loving themselves as well as others. Now that I accept beauty I am always willing to fight against anyone abusing their "power" and love is what I choose all of the time. Beauty is to know as well as see that other's are hurting and take action to help them.

Love is life and that is the simple, most beautiful truth.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Food for the Soul....

For Wellness Wednesday today I want to focus on the power of words or what the intentions behind them are made of.

The state of someone's intentions, thoughts and spirits can really put a whole new meaning to the words they speak and the power they give them. Of course I can really tell the truth and know that words are not just words because they are simply magical really. Everyone can either speak life which equates to love or speak death which is nothing but evil along with lies. 

One of the best things to do is give words of encouragement to others and be in good spirits with joy in our hearts. A lot of people's spirits are hungry for more and the best way to feed these souls is through Our Daily Bread as well as words of encouragement than words coming from trying to discourage someone else.

The evil ways of bad spirits are always at work and I am not afraid to call that out and know that there is a better way to go about living in the path of complete love. Today is the 12th Anniversary of the attacks that took place on "September 11th " which led to many strangers coming together to help one another and a new alertness in making sure that America is protected from the real threats of our national security.

In the presence of being attacked by the enemy, the love and light of God was alive because everyday ordinary people were able to become heroes. It always seems like people fall for paying more attention to what is dividing everyone and becoming raptured by bad spirits they forget about the grace of God. The truth is we all can help one another and words of love is what feeding the soul is all about.

"It's All About The Love" is the title of the Daily Bread.

We teach,encourage, and rebuke the evil....We weep and rejoice. The love we give is tender and tough and supportive.

Not my photo
Darlings, stop the abuse and receive yor daily bread (not my photo)

(not my photo)

Receive love. Give love and repeat. Life and love is simple.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


As I go on through life's journey I have realized that you can not really expect everyone to be happy and have joy in their heart. Also, something that has caused harm previously because I let my guards down while loving my enemies too much. But now I am happy to know that God has realized that it is good to love your enemies but when they keep askin for a butt-kicking or have really had the intent of destroying you than finally you have to say no more at all. 

How amazing or some type of power to give back what the enemy deserves from them feeding you poison disguised as lies. I am very blessed and thankful to recognize the evil that is and has forever been going on and than knowing what needs to be done to get rid of the enemy. 

In chapter 7 of "Demon Proofing Prayers" by Bob Larson I learned the true essence of myself which is being a giver and very thankful to realize I have been "Outgiving the Enemy" all of my lifetime. Oh my darlings, I am just amazed when I realize all that God has blessed me with and recognizing what life is all about, which is the life lesson in Chapter 7: Be a Giver, Not a Taker.

Anways, I want to show love and give love until it hurts because that is exactly what is right for my soul, those who need it the most are strangers and enemies both alike. Darlings, now is the time for me to give the good fight and stand up and shout with all my soul along with my spirit, " I am not going to take whatever the enemy is giving me but I am am going to give them more of what they deserve!"

Now to the significance of 7 because people bring up the number and have questions when they see my "7" charm around my neck. For all of those who have common sense or know a little about religion than "The 7 Deadly Sins" may come to mind and than there is a more in-depth perspective from the Bible..

For a more spiritual and well-rounded perspective "7" signifies:

One of my personal favorite lucky numbers, seven is auspicious in matters of scholarly achievement. Seven is also associated with spiritual, psychic and intellectual development. It's the number of wisdom and higher reasoning. Seven is also a time-bound energy, it often signals good timing when seen in sequences. For example, if you see a series of seven in your day (on the clock, on bus tickets, license plates, room numbers, etc.) it often indicates good timing for scholarly/spiritual endeavors.,1

Than when it comes to Numerology.... 7 is...

The number seven is so great to me because it took me seven years just to get my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Urban Studies after taking a break and just enjoying life. You know what is the best about finishing what I started is that I kept on when many doubted me and the enemy told me to quit. After all my time spent in school I realized that we all can be teachers and the best one that has taught me comes from my life experiences. You know in life you just have to know that no matter all the evil going on and at work trying to stop you from acheiving. The best thing and only way to glory and love is to keep on going, and presevering despite the enemy.

Darlings, only be the grace of God have I made it this far and things are only starting to get fired up on the spiritual battles to come. Thank You for the Truth and sweetness in all the humans I have crossed paths with and righteous souls. I will continue to meditate and pray that what is started will be finished and fully completed for goodness sake.

Also, with some more of my research I realize that their are seven rays of light or color in a rainbow which also can represent the 7 Archangels.

  • Blue: Michael, leader of all the holy angels
  • Yellow: Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts
  • Pink: Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships
  • White: Gabriel, the angel of revelation
  • Green: Raphael, the angel of healing
  • Red: Uriel, the angel of wisdom
    • Purple: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy

    The constant in my life and prayer that I repeat often is that the "Lord have Mercy on my Soul and my enemies". The great thing about this is that my prayer is always answered and I am motivated to forgive the weak ones who know not what they do.

    Thursday, September 5, 2013

    Creative Roots

    Since I am in a reflecting moment I will go back to August 10th when I celebrated the finale of a art gallery in the Anacostia community of DC while getting one of the best shows from GlitterLust. The lead singer was making my night with his glittery boots...

    Anyways, I am back and proud to embrace my creativity as well as others to realize that the artist in me needs to come alive once again and that means...

    I will paint more and find a way for people to enjoy my customized shirts as much as I do. Although I will not most likely ever be a size 0 or small again I can have something that people of all sizes and skintones can appreciate.

    Ready for some art besides the masterpiece that is me

    All natural with my colorful kinky hair...

    No flash--notice my Odwalla juice in my arm


    Sitting down and more than enough jelly to go around...

    flashing lights and.....

    Glitter Lust!

    These boots had me infatuated

    My skinnier days with slicker and unnatural hair too....


    Of course nothing compares to getting the day started right with a red velvet cupcake and white velvet (vegan) cupcake from Red Velvet in Penn Quarters area of DC. I tell you the truth: baking is quite and art in itself and Amen for baked goods.

       It has already been five days since my fast and life is good and I am happy that I went through this challenge in the first place. I know what is best for my body and have actually trained myself to have smaller portions and be contempt with that. Just like a lot of other people, food seems to be the one thing that will not turn their back on you and provides a lot of comfort; and unfortunately a lot of people are fine with taking advantage in being "greedy" for lack of a better word.

    Oh but the biggest lesson I learned and to get down to the nitty gritty is that: There is no justifiable reason why starvation should exist in America or even the world for that matter!

    My fast comes to a end at the perfect time because September just happens to be Hunger Action Month.

    If I managed to be contempt and lively with only drinking juices, water and having two pieces of fruit for a day to weeks than many other people could survive. 

    All of these campaigns to feed the hungry and donate to this or that starving child only exists due to greed and abuse and that is the honest truth. I see it everyday and yes I admit I have even been wasteful when eating out at a restaurant, so everyone should be well aware of all the perfectly good food that is thrown out in the trash.

    The reality is that a select view gourmet or intelligent restuarants such as Pret Manger to name one know how to give the leftovers to a food bank or better yet some places only have smaller portions to be served.

    The greed comes in with unreasonable prices for food and especially on high quality food because not all food sources are raised or grown equally.

    There is no need for me to get into this because the fact is that we all know in our heart about ourselves and exactly what is going on in our neighborhoods, communities and maybe the world.

    Maybe this hunger thing goes way beyond our bodies and goes deep into out minds and spirits.

    Nothing is wrong with snacking throughout the day or even admitting well maybe I just might be spiritually hungry in fact.

    For Hunger Action Month people should challenge themselves to go on a all liquid diet or just eat only fruits and vegetables in whatever form they see fit. I have had a peak of the promised land and you know it takes sacrifice and dedication to really know and accept the truth.

    So while you may decide to go on your fasting challenge I applaud you, but now I am making September very sweet by enjoying a "sugar" diet of baked goods.

    I have shared enough already but I will gladly reintroduce myself in the sunlight on a glorious day..........

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013


    Once again I have another tale to share because yes God continues to work wonders in my life and I am blessed with so much gratitude. Anyways, this is the third day after my fast and I have been enjoying my food with the suprise that my body has definitely changed after my one month of fasting. I am not sre if my stomach is smaller or something is going on with my intestines but I know that I trained myself to eat less and be complete with smaller portions than before. I am more than thankful for this change and to be rescued from the American apetite that can be the main cause for all of the terrible health conditions.

    Just to let you know that while I was on my fast I had no problems when it came to getting rid of toxins and waste that was no benefit to my body.

    I may have been on the greedy side a little from enjoying food from one of my favorite restaurants and than going to a cookout afterwards. All within a five hour period I had yams, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, fried fish, baked beans, potato salad, half of a turkey burger and one fried chicken leg to "celebrate" Labor Day or just enjoy a American holiday. Well to my amazement the food did not sit well with me at all, because I was completely stuffed that in the midnight hour around 12:10 AM I akoke to pain right at the top- middle part of my ribcage. I did not even know what was going but I just knew the pain was excruciating and so bad calling 911 was the first option that came to mind. I just thought of the possiblities of this pain as maybe being caused from Gas or something going on with my small intestines. Well than I realized the fact that I do not even like hospitals, and being stuck in the Emergency Room is something I don't want to deal with so I called on my creator, the one and only Lord who is my heavenly savior. I said, " Oh Lord, my God I ask of you to take this pain away from me. Oh please I do not know where this is coming from and I just want this to go away." Of course God is so good and always on time with answering prayers that right away I knew what to do. The simple solution was that their was waste in me waiting to get out and all that was needed was a bowel movement. I mean wow amazing how after that the pain was instantly gone and this was something that could not be removed on my own, it took me asking my Lord for help.

    I know it was not only me on my own alone that got me through my fast and of course I received help from my higher, most intelligent heavenly creator to remove the internal waste that was causing me pain. I find this story kind of funny and put a smile on my face to just think, " Oh God to get rid of this pain all that I needed was to sit on the toilet and take a s*&t!".

    I tell you I was happy and filled with tears of joy because my God knows how much I love to avoid hospitals and being around sick people. How amazing to know and believe in the most powerful being to solve your problems which happened for me in the midnight hour. When you feel you can't go on or just need a extra push their is no help like that from God, his son and the Holy Spirit.

    Maybe this story may have  a reader responding in a way as maybe Jasmine Darling should have used the bathroom before falling asleep or........the truth is I didn't feel the need to use the bathroom before falling asleep.

    The bottom line or moral of this is that one of the best benefits of fasting:

    1. No constipation

    2. Decreases or lessens appearance of cellulite

    3.Trimmer waist

    4.Slimmer thighs

    5.Radiant skin with smaller pores

    6. sweeter blood which helps the mosquitos

    Here are 10 other benefits of fasting.

    Not my photo

    Sunday, September 1, 2013


    Lately, I have been reading which I love to do and I decided to share because I really care and maybe someone may decide one of the books are of interest to them. All I know is that I am blessed with the amazing grace and understanding of the lessons my higher and intellectual beings have endowed me with.

    At first I didn't want to share all of this with the internet world and all the public to think or believe that I am some type of religious freak, but I have decided to come down to Earth because after all this is a "religious" world we are living in. Through my spiritual journey and just understanding human nature these books have given me clarity to how great and good the almighty creator is.

    Highly recommended

    This shows just how evil people can be and when people choose to abuse their power for living in complete darkness...

    Amazing to realize the spirituality of systems of the world....

    My bestseller and favorite design

    From my special design that I love painting on shirts that I have sold to classmates in the past, I am am happy and so very thankful to realize that it has brought me to exactly where I am now on my journey. At first I did not understand, but I know that the choice of light versus darkness is so real now that I have found myself in the situations I am in. Not only does God not Ugly which is choosing to be consumed by negative feelings that allow us to act in ugly ways can be very lethal. (If anyone pays attention to my tweets I did mention that "If you feel some type of way don't get caught up in it" which is like be happy and don't worry).

    I have to use myself as a prime example because I was faced with the choices of being Good, Bad or Ugly and I choose to be good by fighting for what is right. Once again I have a tale to tell and this is my true real life story. I looked at my options for beauty schools and decided on "Aveda Institute" because I was impressed with the products and what appeared to be a great institution. Well, of course I was wrong for believing that my education would be just as great as the veneer of the image that was being sold to me. To tell anyone the truth the Aveda Institute is owned by a whole other institute seperate from the storefront that sells the products online and in stores.

    Anyways to get to my whole point, I realized the new owners who took over right around the time I started school whose name fits them perfect "Beauty Basics Incorporated" was not providing the service, equipment, policies and necessities for a Esthetician student who paid their full tuition. Coming to the realization that wrongdoings were being made I took a stand by being good to know that I was left with no choice but to take legal matter for receiving less than 100% from the Avedaq Institute. Now if I was bad than I would be like the rest of my classmates or "spa sisters" who could only complain and just take what was given to them which was nothing more than a big slap in the face if you ask me. Than the most worst case scenario to reciprocate what the school was giving out and act out right ugly would be to destroy them with no other considerations of other human beings. If the complete darkness and ugliness of "Beauty Basics Inc. " consumed me than I would have decided that setting the school on fire would be the best way to handle the situation, but that would be doing more damage than good.

    I am thankful and blessed that I choose to go in the direction of light and love. Being good in these circumstances allowed me to be empowered to choose the humane way to resolve this issue by going through the Justice system. Being more spiritually aware and realizing that we all have choices to make on how to handle ourselves I  see things clearly.

    Well the whole lesson of my story is the being good is having the strength to go forth and do what is right. Being good is following your heart and sometimes means going against what everyone else is doing. Than being bad means letting worldly things and everything that weighs you down be in control of how you act. Being a shiftless person that really well I don't want to focus on that because well everyone is in this state and that includes me. After watching Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing I am convinced that I am highly favored to brought to doing good work eventhough it hurts to be brought to this point. Than of course their is ugly which is plain evil which leads people to kill, violently abuse, sabotage others, harbor anger all the time or just have thoughts of wishing harm on others. 

    The truth is that we all have some "Good, Bad and Ugly" in us and I know that when their is complete peace we all can coexist in each others goodness. Well, it just so happens everyone is at war with themselves and depending on how someone is feeling and if they choose light or darkness than there just won't be complete peace on Earth.

    So the question always remains....Will you choose the dark or light?