Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Style

When it comes to getting away, it is nothing more than a state of mind. With a straw hat to shield my face from the sun and a sundress makes things perfect for summer fun. The best thing about vacation style is being and feeling completely natural with sunscreen (meaning no make-up) . Well there are some exceptions like some lipgloss, lipstick, bronzer if you must and other things. Oh and there is nothing that compares to summer loving along with the natural beauty of Mariah Carey's voice and make-up looks as well as her long locs.

I absolutely love the remake of Prince's The Beautiful Ones which sends me flying away to serenity or a dreamland.

Pink Cloud lipstick

When the temperatures are high it is always nice to have summer loving with beautiful people that are at peace with themselves. Oh Darling, cause you will always be my baby.

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