Saturday, June 8, 2013

Studio Life

I love photo shoots that are done in the studio and I recently worked with Isaiah Headen for the first time at his place of employment and later in the day, Interface Media Group close to Dupont Circle. Usually the setting of photo shoots is on location at a borrowed home, but the point is that there was natural sunlight. Working in a studio means that everything is controlled to a certain extent of not having to deal with the weather outside. I absolutely love  the studio life and watching a person transform before my eyes because of my special touch.

What a pleasure it was working with a nurse from Ohio and her modeling the designs from Tidal Cool Creations. I love the professionality (making up my own word) of Isaiah and how candid photos are taken of what really goes on behind the scene to have a creative image. Of course I was caught working on the left lash, took me three tries to get the lash to stick and stay. There was something magical about this time besides it being in the evening, better to be late than never. I always like to know what the theme is but didn't really know what to expect except that I would be going for a dramatic look opposed to more natural which I love. I decided on a bold eyebrow because I knew that would frame the face really well to go with all of the curly hair going on. 

Full of color, wigs, lights, heels and skin to make for a fun shoot that brought back some memories of when I use to model. Lots of powder, concealer and foundation works wonders and I know that it feels like a lot is packed on the face but when it is all said and done, the camera needs to catch perfection. For a high drama look with skin to be transformed to smooth and flawless than some extra effort has to be put forth. The final images will be amazing and I look forward to sharing them.

love this wig reminds me of Halle Berry hairstyle in "The Call"

Human Hair wig by Beshe "Prada"

 Eyebrow shape comes from wax job at nail salon and some eyeshadow, looking like perfection.

on my way


the set-up in make-up room

love the Encyclopedia- has blush, bronzer, concealers and highlighters

before a fresh face with a little eye make-up to be removed


half of the pair that had me kind of trippy or tripping.

Ever sat on a escalator while it was going down?

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