Thursday, June 6, 2013


   June is National Candy month so it only makes sense that I would go over some the health benefits of Chocolate which is such a delightful treat. Cacao is chocolate in the raw form before it is processed to be sweetened along with other additives and find out more about the health benefits here. None of these photos are mine.

White- Chocolate

Cacao tree

I was missing in action on Wellness Wednesday because I needed some relaxation and rest so of course I enjoyed my time taken out to sleep from a traumatic Tuesday spent in Tara Thai in Bethesda Row. The good thing though is that Bethesda Row has so much more to enjoy, especially for the month of June.

Call this White Cocoa, pure sweetness

Eyes behind the back

This is what they would call a beat face...yummy I guess

To make sure my face is cleansed and pores clear there is nothing like a clay mask that smells sweet like chocolate.

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