Friday, June 7, 2013

Going Lighter

I wanted to go blonde for the summer like a neutral, cool blonde and I ended up getting the color I was going for while attending Aveda. Amazing how I got a nice cool beige color going on with the remains of violet that look lavender or light purple and pink. This was a two-day process or more like twenty-four hours   after a night's rest in between. I could have always went to a salon to get the color but of course I know myself very well and trust my effort to get the effect I was going for. My favorite motto is why pay someone for something you can do yourself. The color I ended up with I would like to call a Rose Gold Blondish color and is not the lightest I want to go. When it comes to going lighter there is a process that takes some time.

The first thing that I did was try out a natural way of bleaching to see how much of the purple would get out or just lighten up which I made happen. I looked and searched all over the internet for ways to go from purple to blonde and than to naturally make my hair blonde. My findings as it always is, was on YouTube.  I am pretty sure that I would not be able to find a salon one can enjoy a history lesson and some Beyonce explaining her B-Day album and the behind the scenes making of of the music being put out. For a dramatic change involving going Blonde, why not watch a real life dramatic DVD?

So I am what you call a "high yeller negro" had to match my hair up with my skin tone

The first things you have to realize is that I started off with dark and very vibrant color so the ends did not get to the level I wanted. Of course the hair closer to the roots was the virgin hair so it got much lighter, kind of yellowish using a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and Baking Soda. What gave me this idea was a video similar to this YouTube video below. My hair got much lighter because I let the mixture sit for about a hour,  probably longer than I should have but I got the results I wanted.

I recommend this method for all natural kinky textured hair types or if you have very fine hair because this is less damaging than using bleach dye to go blonde and you save so much money!

Anyways I will review how I started from a bright purple pinkish hue to a nice cool blonde with a light pink residue pigment from the semi-permanent color placed on top of my bleach hair done by a student at Aveda Institute.

Natural warm look- orange eye-shadow and nude lips for the Winter Season 

"Hocus Pocus" Wearing Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 collection (Winner by default)

The latest before going lighter...(How does one keep their nose clean?...minding your manners)

Notice my roots are much lighter than the ends of my hair ( thanks to the Hydrogen Peroxide)
Added this first after conditioning my natural lightened hair

Who can follow directions?

later added this on to the ends and massaged it in.

Be careful not to place on skin if sensitive

Don't you think I'm so Sexy?..I'm just so fresh and so clean.


Summer time

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