Friday, June 21, 2013

Behind the Beauty...

Lies a wonderful photographer and awesome make-up artist along with amazing grace. When I was slimmer and loved going to the gym religiously like a old lady that gets all dressed up for church I was priviledged to work with Bryan Benoit. What a pleasure it is to work with someone talented in photography that has so much passion. His work is so sensual, soulful, sexy and elegant. I love his black and whites the most and they kind of remind me of the third album art from Beyonce's I AM...

I just have to bring things back to be reminded of where I am now and why I love doing make-up. The whole process of creating and being apart of the fantasy that inspires people is wonderful. From once doing modeling because I was qualified but with no passion was really pointless. The key to life is not to take any suggestions from anyone unless they plan on financing what they are talking about. In love with the support and less suggestions that have no substance.

I flashback to a time when I fit the mold or played a part I outgrew to be behind the beauty. Oh and can anyone guess what is wrong in any of the photos below?

A bunch of kisses and hugs.  XOXO

My right arm is missing, my hair is unnaturally straight and the bottom half  of my left leg is missing as well.

So when people love to give their free advice (aka opinion) about what you should be doing than this explains it all...

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