Friday, June 21, 2013

H&M takeover

I am amazed to have found how popular H&M has become in the USA and especially in the DC metropolitan area. This comes as no wonder because they have some pretty reasonable prices for fashions that are way better than Forever 21. The way the clothes are made are for the really thin and are cut according to the European standard making me a size 10 to 12 in bottoms and a 8 or S/M in tops. 

Anyways I just find it appalling or just a little ridiculous that the newest H&M stores that have opened replaced big time bookstore chains. The only thing that says is that society or "pop-ular" society is only concerned with what is going on outside of course. It appears that the wave of the future and what I am catching onto is being fashion obsessed with the price of loosing brains or books.

Well the bottom line is that there is no longer a Barnes & Nobles in Union Station and a Borders in Silver Springs.

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