Friday, June 14, 2013

On Cloud 9

I finally got around to filling out my application to be mailed out to the Professional Credential Services located all the way in Nashville, TN. I have been putting it off for some time (like weeks and days and hours) just to enjoy myself for awhile, but a salon owner reminded me what am I waiting for. Every once in awhile we all need a wake-up call to keep on pushing to realize the natural power we have to be responsible. I went in a circle just to get my photo taken for the license and fed a squirrel in the park on the way to FED EX to send my application through ground shipping.

Given so many choices in life the only path that matters is filled with love and all I could think of was Adele's breakout song Chasing Pavements. Whatever you believe in or don't you must know that you were created for a purpose and are part of a master plan from a higher power. The bottom line is to live the life you love and even if that leads nowhere than it was really all worth it.

On a side note: I love Adele's ivory skin and the simplicity of her look. Very natural with lip balm, black eyeliner and some blush and mascara on real eyelashes is always the right way to go.

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