Sunday, June 9, 2013


  I got to work on the nugget or NGT which stands nor natural gel twist. Yes I love giving new names to things because I am different and like no other. This was my first time attempting this but I found it to be easy after I watched a You Tube video. Now I look and see another way of doing this, and that is the great thing about NGT is that the look is neat and glossy but some may look more like spiral curls while others may look like coils. My try at the NGT was more of a coiled look and these can easily be the start of growing dreads.

Now my client specifically did not want gel so I was like the perfect alternative would be Bees Wax which worked great and I added a little gel or spritz. You can find some inspiration from this video.

Interesting it took me about four hours to complete the NGT after shampooing and conditioning. While getting all the supplies set up I had some company and while doing hair my client had a good read. After seeing my results and understanding how the process works I realize that the next time I do the hairstyle it will be much quicker and who knows I just might use my fingers opposed to a comb.

The moral in life as it is with the NGT is "To keep things Juicy".

interesting tale

Giving me the eyes

The cat wanted to play and open the paws and show some claws.
Getting ready for a real cat fight (what a cats paws look like)

This cats tale reminds me of a skunk or some other type of animal

Did not need the curly pudding but Curls gel came in handy

leave in hair after shampoo

What a coincidence that this health and wellness guru favors Jackie O in facial features and complexion

Black gold for styling hair to hold curls

Also, if you want to try the NGT on your own you can take a look at this video and other tutorials.

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