Monday, June 10, 2013

Smoothing the Scalp-STS

Smoothing and soothing the hair scalp is important and what I love, especially for a scalp as sneaky as mines. I got rid of some old, and dry skin though clarification and deep exfoliation.

I used two different shampoos for my hair and one great cleanser. I was able to scrub off some dead skin on on my nose and between my eyebrows from a few clogged hair follicles. I could easily see the scales of dry skin on my face but I was happy to discover the skin on top of my head. Well this is not the year of the snake for nothing. 

scaly skin removed from a good shampoo

These shampoos work wonders and are very therapeutic and of course you should know that you are always worthy of good cleansing and clarification. All of these products I used are highly recommended and can be used once a week.

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