Friday, June 7, 2013


As a make-up artist that has been doing make-up for two years and some change I still have a lot to learn when it comes to getting technical. I love natural make-up and something I would consider my specialty and I  have the tendency to have a vision of the outcome of the look or face I am going for. When it comes to make-up there is a process and some steps that work better in a certain order to have things run smoother.

Since I am very much into skincare and a more natural look I am not fully aware of all the lingo that other Make-up artists use. The popular term of beat face or yes I want to have the model's face beat does not sound attractive at all,  because when you think of getting beat it just correlates to violence and defeat. Oh no, though the real meaning is actually perfection or whatever so Beat face is making a doll face. 

This is a simple equation of BF stands for BEAT FACE and DF stands for DOLL FACE.

beat +face= doll + face

Beat face = Doll face

Powder and more powder is the key to this equation as well as concealer to camouflage any traces of looking regular or what a normal everyday person would look like. 

One of these days I will come up with a dictionary that will give a new meaning to words you thought you understood. One of my favorite words which I hear often and love because of what I understand it to mean is nigger. If I call someone nigger or greet them, "What's up nigga" because I don't know their name hopefully they will not be surprised. 

Nigger- nigga (however someone wants to spell it): A person who is very hip and in the know or thinks they know and can be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, beige, white, tan, brown, black or clear.

the leopard print scarf called me

The scarf is like Roaring at me.

love this, goes with my wild and cool look when the leopard called.

beauty mark

Doll face in a suit

Hey what's up my Nigga?

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