Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reactions of Chakra

From my solar plexus all the way to my throat Chakra I have been through some changes and more aware of what my body can tolerate since three months ago. In the beginning of March I kind of felt like I might be dying from some type of trauma going on in my stomach because of course I love being dramatic. Turns out I was just having a reaction from drinking only Almond Milk to tasting some cow's milk which really put me through a unpleasant time. I had so much gas and indigestion I was under the impression I was dying and being tortured with stomach pains I have never felt before, as though someone was stabbing me in my stomach. I would take whatever I could that had to do with Gas such as Gas-X and Pepto Bismol to find out I just need the right Probiotics. I am not big into yogurt so taking Pearls and drinking only Blue Diamond Almond Milk and occasionally Soy Milk has saved my life. So the moral of this is that I have no to low tolerance of milk coming from a animal but I still can enjoy cheese and butter.

This entry is just a lesson in Chakras five, four and three which one has to really pay close attention to. Everything started for me in my Chakra five which is the solar plexus that is very important, which involves the stomach and digestive system. The pain that I was going through made me feel as though I was bleeding internally or something, and I had to go to the worst scenario possible such as me having a ulcer. Really it would have not been that surprising if I did have a stomach ulcer because all the symptoms seemed to be there. I survived and turns out that lactose intolerance was and is the reality for me.

I know my body pretty well that once or twice a year I am promised a cold that sends me into cough attacks and sneezing of course with all the common symptoms. The start of this cold threw me for a surprise because it started off with my throat swelling as though I could not breathe and a real threat to me waking up the next day or not. The coughs were pretty strong and had me ready for the worst diagnosis from the doctor of Acute Bronchitis or something. With everything that hurts or does not last forever, time will heal all. So for the past three months I may have been unbalanced in my will power, love-compassion drive and spiritual drive. To sum this all up it seems my body has been counting down from the elements of Fire, Air and Ether (Heaven or Space) and I am working on receiving the message.

Now to the present I find myself in shock or just being extra dramatic because of how my physical is dealing with this chest cold I have. This all has to to with my Thymus and Thyroid gland which correlate with the fourth and fifth chakras. 

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