Monday, June 17, 2013


Yoga overdrive is the only gear that I want to be in and have been trying to understand lately. When I first started college I attempted to get into it because it was a way to workout, because you really can break a sweat and I sweat quick when it comes to yoga which is not common for me when I workout.

Now that I am getting older and time catches up to me I realize that there are so many energy forces that can knock me off of balance. Besides meditation yoga is the key to me having balance in my life which makes perfect sense since I am into Eastern medicine and all the healing practices the Eastern Hemisphere has to offer. 

DVD released by  Yoga Journal with Natasha Rizopoulos is Session one, a Step-by-Step guide  and Bikram Yoga has allowed me to get reacquainted with what I have been missing out on.  So now I discovered who started Bikram Yoga, Bikram Choudhury himself and his book has so many great poses that help those with cancer and other diseases such as obesity.  Bikram yoga has 26 poses to practice as well as two signature breathing techniques.

With discipline and practice all the yoga practices can be done at home with no need for a teacher just a book or dvd.

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