Sunday, October 20, 2013

The beauty of Melanin

One of my favorite skincare lines is "Nuance" from the beautiful Salma Hayek who is Mexican and Lebanese, which  explains why she is great to look at. This line has been out since August 2011 with high quality ingredients for affordable prices.

So far the products I have tried is the body scrub as well as the exfoliating enzyme mask. Not only does this product line have cleansers and moisturizers but make-up as well. Here is a review from a blogger and the greatest thing about the products is they smell delicious and feel great on the skin as well.

Isn't she lovely

Released October 2005

What a lovely book that showcases the reality of history for fashion models and just how beautiful skin that contains or produces melanin really is. This is one of the most impressive beauty books I have seen because it really is a guide of taking care of the skin and how make-up is applied to achieve different looks.

Just in case you do not know the meaning of Melanin, here is one according to the Encyclopedia on this website which is legit.

"Any of several organic compounds, dark biological pigments that give coloration (shades of yellow to brown) to skin, hair, feathers, scales, eyes, and some internal tissues, notably the substantia nigra in the brain. In humans, melanins help protect the skin against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, but melanoma may arise from cells that produce it. The amount in the skin depends on both genetic and environmental factors. Melanin is produced from the amino acid tyrosine; albinos lack the enzyme that catalyzes that reaction."

One of my favorite looks from the book

drama from the or for the Ghetto Fabolous

Friday, October 11, 2013

Blacker the berry, Sweeter the juice

" Just say yes to bronze and no to drugs!"

Everyone knows that bronze, brown and being black is always in style and just better for your health whether or not it brings resentment from fairer skinned and darker skinned people. It is a scientific fact that medium and darker skin tones will age more gracefully due to the amount of melanin and other natural substances in our bodies.

I have been wanting to make a entry about how beautiful I fine darker skin tones and the fact that they show less signs of aging if taken care of. This is a true a story but on my test for becoming liscensed one of the questions was, " Which groups ages faster, according to the FitzPatrick Skin scale?" and all the answers kind of made me feel like the question was racist, but the truth is the truth.

Although the advertisements may be having you think or feel you are not good enough or need to be more fair skinned to be attractive, do not believe the lies because you are beautiful the way you are. I mean if you have a darker skin tone you are not going to be burnt by the sun and are naturally tan, just think about it you were born with a great skin tone now the only thing to do is appreciate what you have.

For the more fair skin ones, I can not stress enought the importance of sunblock and really taking a good look in the mirror. I have another true story which is while I was going to Aveda, one of my guests was very burned from a trip spent in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was suprised because I was like, " you have to protect your skin and can not just be soaking up the rays for how long you want without damage being done."

For those who want to be tan and fair skin the best thing would be to go to a tanning salon because you will only be hurting yourself going out laying in the sun for hours.

Well, although it is in fashion to be tan everyone needs to learn to love themselves inside and out.

The truth is the Bible, and the Daily bread for today is "Gorgeous Inside". (Romans: 8:1-11)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And the Award, for "Most Superficial"...

Goes to...after the drumroll and my introduction.

I learned some fascinating but not too suprising information from being a consumer from the most ungrateful sellers and producers of beauty supplies. I wanted to find out what group of people did the most plastic or cosmetic surgery and it was amazing to discover this because I always have loved Asians exotic looks and mostly everything they seem to want to change. From what I have learned in South Korea the people want to have a more "western" look or whatever that means. Not only do Koreans go overboard but people of other nationalities go to South Korea just to enjoy their doctors.

So the Award for 'Most Superficial" country goes to South Korea and they deserve this because they are true perfectionists in a way.

Just in case you do not know what superficial is, below is the meaning and I found the definition here.

: concerned only with what is obvious or apparent : not thorough or complete
: affecting only the outer part or surface of something : not deep or serious
: lying close to the surface

After South Korea comes some Latin American countries, Greece and Italy in a top 7 list..

If you want to look like a doll permanently and be "plastic" than take a trip to Korea.

Now I understand fully were this Korean man was coming from who works at a shoeshop who told me, " You are so pretty and thin, I am unlucky because I am ugly and big." This is a true story of what he told me and well I guess with all the Korean BBQ and other habits Koreans are naturally on the big side but I still admire their natural intelligence.

The moral of this is that these Koreans in America who have built a fortune from the weave they sale at their beauty supply stores can really thank the "Black community" for making their comfortable lifestyle possible. If no one else can I am going to be truthful and give credit where it is due.