Monday, June 24, 2013

Jazzy Day

What a day oh what a day. I mean I was kind of a hot mess with being completely natural with only lipstick and moisturizer suited me well. The weather was hot and humid and the Potomac river was peaceful. Before the photoshoot at the Moca Art Gallery in Georgetown I had my pictures taken and later enjoyede some live Jazz Music at HR-57 in the Atlas District of Washington, DC. I was feeling revived that I had to dance to the Cuban/Spanish music once I cooled down.

The model: Before

After with glittery eyes and glossy lips that is natural

The make-up that I used on her for Foundation was Iman sticks in Earth 3 and 6, Covergirl Queen Collection bronzer, Black radiance liquid eyeliner, Stiletto mascara, Ruby Kisses gloss and NYX gloss and some blush. Very fun and interesting photo shoot and I met another make-up artist Aleah C.

Love the Jazz music

Plate 2 of 4

Plate 4 of 4

The presence of the lord was there and I felt it in the atmosphere.

Medusa effect- don't look her in the eyes.

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