Tuesday, June 4, 2013

T to the second power

Today was definitely a traumatizing Tuesday from my experience at lunch which was not a pleasant surprise. From all the choices of places to eat I chose Tara Thai because of course Thai food is one of my favorites and this was my first time at this particular Thai place. I had to go with the Gaeng Jae which was the first on the Vegetarian part of the menu and very good, but the unfortunate thing is that there was a bug in my glass of water. Yeah, not that much of something to be excited but that is my surprise and luckily there was not bug in my plate but than again how is anyone to know that there are traces of critters in their food when they eat out. 

I am not trying to knock Tara Thai or anything, I just have to lay off of Thai food and stick to the fruits and veggie infused snacks and meals. If there is a any type of place to go and get a good vegetarian meal that would be a Thai restaurant or Indian. Perhaps this is a lesson that it is time to pay more attention to what I want and what is good for me. Really that is what we all must do, or maybe just a deeper philosophical look at life. " When you view life as having a glass half full there can be more bugs or maybe I wasn't looking into anything at all. After the tears I come to realize you can not let a bug take away your joy.

Besides from being traumatized I will get back to the beauty of skin, nails and hair some other time. For the first time I wore Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free in Translucent Light which leaves the complexion smooth and pretty. Although, my natural complexion is more tan I like the way the skin appears like a porcelain doll and this powder is made especially for sensitive skin. As cute and perfect porcelain dolls are they still are pretty creepy with those glass eyes just staring at you (yes these dolls are the cause for some trauma and the name of this phobia can be found here.) Bugs, Dolls and Dummies, oh my!.....they can be scary if they somehow learn to takeover or present themselves. 

On my nails is Dior nail polish in Safari Beige.

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