Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wellness Wednesdays: Avocados

For Wednesdays the focus will be on nutrition and what is being digested in the body that also has benefits for the skin. Avocados are so beneficial in many ways such as heart health, preventing signs of aging and moisture for the skin. I know that all of the vegetarians and die hard vegans will love all the pictures I have of avocados. If all the ingredients do not really suit you than you can always put the avocados on your skin to hydrate yourself. When avocados are involved there is no need to count your calories, just enjoy their goodness.

 I learned that avocados are known as alligator pears and comes from the Aztec word ahuacati, which you can find the meaning here.

Breakfast has been served, A BEAT crossaintwich (Bacon-Egg-Avocado-Tomato) formerly known as BLT, minus the lettuce plus eggs and avocados. 
Burger King has nothing on this.

Yummy..traces of tomato seeds, avocado and sharp cheddar cheese

100% natural real juice

Originated in Mexico

Thanks to the tropic climates and Mexico

More and more Avocados

Many choices to choose from

Tomatoes on the skillet, cooking and warming up

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