Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Look of the Day

What a day oh what a day it was today. For my look I choose to wear a wig along with Nars tinted moisturizer, NYX Mega shine Lip Gloss in "African Queen" and Sephora Blush. Also of course Revlon Custom Eyes in " Naturally Glamorous" and mascara by Maybelline. The cool thing about my wig which is by Outre is that it reminds me of Mary J. Blige hairstyle in the "Just Fine" music video. The lesson or reminder for today is to always practice self-love and be true to thyself. Yes for the remainder of all my days I have to keep things tantalizing and terrific.

Yes to Green Tea Soy Latte by Bolthouse Farms

"Candid Cameron" looks so brilliant in the sunlight.

Monaco Deli and Pizzeria in Great Falls, VA

Looks like rain is on the way and a chance of thunder with lightening in the forecast

Waiting on my Veggie Calzone, how terrific.

Purple pants all day..

"African Queen" kisses blown your way.

Black Butterfly earrings

So let's see what is really under my wig, all underneath the foolery is natural me from a terrific and tantalizing Tuesday. If I went all out completely as my natural self than I might be mistaken for a crackhead or crazy which I have been called before.

How I love to love me, myself and I because that's all I got in the end.

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