Friday, May 10, 2013

More than a Mart...

I mean Wal-Mart has a lot to offer and they beat the prices of Target along with other stores that offer low prices. Wal-Mart is the center of some small towns and neighborhood supermarket. For the first time I got my eyebrows waxed at the nail salon in one of the Super Wal-Mart's which now have McDonald's fast food restaurant, nail salons, banks and other goodies such as auto repair shop.

The only thing that I was wearing on my face was some moisturizer and Milani Color Statement lipstick in Fruit Punch which is the best way to make a statement when you are stressed out. Not only are the colors nice but the lipstick leaves the lips feeling moist and smells good. Neutrogena has really good products out, made just for acne that may want to pop up when we feel stress. and to deal with stress means cleansing.

Technology is supposedly suppose to make life easier but it seems to make things more complicated. The time that has passed from April to May has brought some trauma to my skin or at least leading to the point of my eyebrow wax. My first wax after graduating from the Aveda Institute as well and I choose none other than Wal-Mart and I like how they came out.

Before getting my eyebrows waxed

After...Looking and feeling much better

Very pleased after the shape up with Shade 11 "Fruit Punch" on my lips

Hair and make-up done and my eyebrows are looking fresh

You can purchase at Wal-Mart

This is very useful
Small space in the nail shop

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