Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art of Living

Recently, I went to a meditation session at Sri Sri Center for Peace and Meditation, 2401 15th Street NW Washington DC 20009 which was so wonderful; and the good thing about meditation is that you do not have to be a rocket science, only be able to breathe. Just to stop and pay attention to how you are breathing and feel that is the art of living. Just to take the time out to meditate and refocus on what you want and being aware of one's surroundings is a great feeling. As hot as it was today and I could feel the sun scorching on me I did not break a sweat and I am amazed at some of the progress around me.

So I see the flyer for Sri Sri Ravi Shankur Evening of Meditation at the Washington DC Convention Center which already past on April 2, 2013 but the good thing is knowing finding true peace comes from within. Here is more on all that you can enjoy with Meditation in the DMV area. From the Mayo Clinic this is what meditation is all about and when you learn the different techniques than you can stress less or not have any turmoil coming from all the energies people put out phase you. What peace and joy life brings when you can live above distracting influences to be well with serenity.

Naturally breathing and beautiful on a sunny day

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