Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Go Nuts!

I absolutely love nuts and I didn't actually realize the health benefits of them until now. They were just a good treat that went in sweet things, like peanuts in a hot fudge Sunday and walnuts on baked goods. 

The ultimate in  nuts would be Almonds because you can eat them plain, with coatings or on salads. I am absolutely in love with nuts and a fanatic. Nuts especially Almonds are very good for your heart and those that suffer with Diabetes. The Almond tree is so beautiful with flowery blooms that resemble the Japanese Cherry Blossom. Also the Almonds are grown industrially in California in the US and the tree is related to the Peach Tree.

All other nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, and pecans are grown in southern states in the US.

Here you can see some of the benefits with Blue Diamond.

Explanation from Registered Dietitians here at

My favorite nutty snack now is Emerald Nuts On-the-Go canisters in Cocoa Roast which is so delicious. 

George Washington Carver had the right idea.

Almond Trees

Walnut Tree

Pecan tree


Could not forget the tropical nut of Macadamia which is grown in Hawaii, USA.

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