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Recently this past Wednesday I was blessed with the chance to do a back treatment on a firefighter who had been in service for over twenty years. I gained hands on experience with a skin condition that I have never really seen before. In my Milady textbook I have read about dermatitis and seen pictures but nothing such as this. There was a darker patch of skin right at the center of the spine that appeared leathery just like football skin, literally. After careful exfoliation using a natural scrub and a clay mask to draw out impurities the leathery patch was still there. Besides that spot there was discoloration lower down on the spine which was removed from my treatment. There was a lot of dead skin that needed to be removed and the results of my service was refreshed skin that amazed me. 

This is a before picture and I would love to share a after photo when a second back treatment has been performed. 

The top blemish is a example of neurodermatitis and the second blemish was a build-up of dead skin

This is how skin will look and feel when someone has neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is also known as Lichen simplex chronicus (LSC) which is chronic itching that causes thick, leathery, brownish skin. All ages, races and sexes can have this skin disorder but it is much more common in middle to older aged adults. You can view the overview of Neurodermatitis by checking this link.

  • It may begin with something that rubs, irritates, or scratches the skin, such as clothing.
  • This causes the person to rub or scratch the affected area. Constant scratching causes the skin to thicken.
  • The thickened skin itches, causing more scratching, causing more thickening.

From all of the listed solutions or medication, the best thing is to moisturize extensively and use a strong astringent such as Sea Breeze and applying a cortisone cream.

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