Monday, May 27, 2013


I am thankful to be a born American citizen because even though I am living a simple life of less is more, my lifestyle is filled with more luxuries than afforded to those in a second or third world war country. Amazing all of the lives that have been lost for paying the cost of protecting freedom for America.

I can remember the beginning of my journey a year ago around this time when I was looking into the Aveda Institute and now I have finally graduated. Right after graduating from the University of the District of Columbia I had to jump right back into a school program, I choose the Aveda Institute and now to the present I finished the the Esthetics program a year later. Of course with the help of Direct Loans and a great grant program dedicated to helping first time home buyers and furthering education. What a journey and than I can countdown to having to pay off my debt. So I remember the start of a new journey and how I am counting down to the big payback. Oh, the circle of life the gift of a cycle that keeps on going. The video below is just some humor and dedicated to the college grads who have loans to pay back and hopefully will not default.

While waiting to learn about less than half of what my journey at The Aveda Institute will be all about I was taking pictures, of myself that is.
Love my color before I decided on a brown hair dye to change it to.  Humidity made my hair frizzy

Thanks to Clarissa for applying the Arosci to my natural kinky hair

To be a student of life, always learning and loving what the lesson taught you will always be a debt that has to be paid off for something greater than one's self. It is cool to always be concerned with the body but the soul is most important and hopefully your soul is at peace.

Later that night at a surprise photo shoot

May all the bodies that are gone and 6 ft. underground rest in peace

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