Friday, May 17, 2013

Medusa Look

I always wanted to experience what it feels like to have a hairstyle that gives a true representation of dreads and I created this look, I like to call Medusa. I looked up all the ways of doing extension dreads and the best way for me was to use yarn. This hairstyle is such a phenomenon because you can have the look and feel of dreads without the hair being locked up. I am definitely impressed with the results and all the other varieties I have seen on YouTube videos. I love how my look came out and I choose a bright magenta yarn that was the closest color that matched my own hair at the local beauty supply store. Since this was my first time trying the extension locs I decided on short and thick parts, which took me about 18 hours to complete. My Medusa look did not come out perfect like some tutorials I have viewed but wonderful for my first time.

The supplies needed:

1. 100% Acrylic Yarn ( have to cut the length you want to use.)

2. comb

3. scissors

4. measurement tool ( legs, rules, chair etc.)

5. hair conditioner ( I used a Anti-Breakage Spray and Oil on my strands)

6. lighter is optional

7. Oil or moisturizer

This is before my natural hair straightened out or stretched out.( Purple hue faded sort of)

View from the back

Sunlight on my loc extensions

Grocery Store

Purchased the item on the left at Safeway on sale for less that three bucks. Both can be found at your local grocery store, CVS or Rite-Aide. 

Loving the first look from African Creature......

Above is a great tutorial.

Now, if only I could come up with a video explaining to people that they must beware to look me in the face or they will turn to stone. More on the Greek Mythology of Medusa. Also, if you are into Chinese culture and astrology it is the Year of the S-S-S Snake after all.

Marble bust of "Medusa by Italian artist Gian L. Bernini

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