Sunday, May 26, 2013

Safe meat

For a beautiful Sunday such as today I decided to go with a taste of the Middle East and I was determined to have some lamb for dinner. I missed out on some grilled lamb last Sunday while at the Greek Festival but now for the first time I tried my hand at cooking it. I already marinated my lamb for a while before I would search some recipes and the perfect one which I choose first was the Lemon & Oregano Lamb Chops from

The way I prepared my food was similar but I did not have Tahini sauce which will be something I have to try next time. How amazing I choose, lemon juice, oregano, some cinnamon, hot sauce, a little salt and pepper to let my lamb shoulders to marinate in before I found such a delightful recipe. Lamb Chops are more juicier that the leaner lamb shoulders. Out of all the meats I believe lamb to be the most safest of meats because of the way they are raised compared to the other meats, you can learn more here. This how you can handle lamb safely and to prevent any cross contamination I found at this page. So my lamb came from a Halal meat market and a Kosher market is safe when purchasing lamb as well. Oh and if you are not convinced or have not known what you been missing, check out this page.

Once the meal is complete it will be served with Jasmine rice, zucchini and squash. Which the lamb is roasted or just before it was put into the oven I added one small chopped onion, two chopped carrots, half of a green bell pepper and less than a half of a yellow bell pepper chopped. My lamb was cooked in Almond Oil as well as the squash and zucchini. Also, to keep up the whole middle eastern dinner going a slice of Pan Challah is served with a serving of  Lemon and Oregano Lamb.

This is my more vegetable infused and spicier version before it was put in the oven and after.

On my plate, dinner is served.
With this safe meat which is famously known as lamb you will be taken on a trip to the Middle East.

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