Saturday, May 4, 2013

Two to Six

For April 22, 2013, Earth Day and April 26, 2013 which was Arbor Day I was involved in so many different festivities which was wonderful to meet new people and learn more. Started off things right with the Garden Guy, Derek Thomas whose work can be viewed here. I learned that Cilantro seeds are what makes Coriander and that was great to know because I love Cilantro. Multi- Media artist Julee Dickerson-Thompson made taught me how to make stick dolls which was fun, and my doll stood up on her own. Magenta yarn for her hair, a hot glue gun, stapler, needle, thread and intricate designed fabric has made my stick doll very profound. The last week in April was all about education, exercising muscles, creativity and plenty of good eating.

After the conclusion of both days I had a filling dinner at the House of Prayer for All People which just reopened their kitchen January 2013 and the soul food is delicious.

My container project done 

All natural on Monday

Feeling and looking more done up with make-up and  new hairstyle

Waiting on the train

Finally on the train

patiently waiting some more while all "blushed and bronzed" out

Beautiful path looking for sticks to make a doll


Turkey wings, cabbage, macaroni & cheese and cornbread

Arbor Day and what great surroundings

Behold my stick doll, who has no name.

She has got a train going on her lovely gown

planting a tree by a Horticulturist that works for the Smithsonian 

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