Sunday, May 5, 2013

Making this or that last...

As humanly possible. I love a fresh manicure that is glossy with the right top coat and handled with care.

Recently, I went to the nail salon to get a manicure since it has been awhile since I have treated myself to one. Usually, I do my own manicures since I love my work and have plenty of colors to choose from but every once in a blue moon it is good to treat yourself. Than again it was just a long kind of day with the construction and improvements being made plus their was no getting away from the sun.

It was a busy Saturday in the nail salon of course because it is the weekend and the location was SE DC. I had to wait longer than I am used to. I love the colors that I choose and mainly because of the names that are quite delicious reminding me of Strawberries and hot chocolate fudge syrup (winning combination) with some whip cream of course. The highlight after all of that was running into a poodle named Chloe and I should have made some connection with the owner so I can see her again, who knows I may run into Chloe again one of these days.

The main thing though is how to make a manicure last long without the chipping or pealing of paint especially since I can be rough and tough sometimes. I deal with all types of skin types and actually find time to do some chores now and then. Now I will let the countdown begin of my shiny manicure before they chip.

According to Good Housekeeping if you do the manicure on your own, might as well do it the right way.

Six secrets from on making manicures last.

Here goes the list:

1. Keep the hands and feet moisturized with oils or lotion.

2. When cleaning where gloves to protect the nails from harsh chemicals such as blush

3. Don't keep your nails too long which will be easier to break.

4. Make sure that the nails are dry completely after being soaked or wet.

5. Add topcoat two to three days after or when nails appear duller.

Dessert has been served

Wearing Revlon CustomEyes in "Naturally Glamorous"

(To relive that Saturday and see my long lost twin who was more hairier with a lighter color would be nice.) I shall find another poodle and we will be playmate's with her permission.

Already chip and it hasn't been seven days

Left hand was the first side to chip

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