Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And the Award, for "Most Superficial"...

Goes to...after the drumroll and my introduction.

I learned some fascinating but not too suprising information from being a consumer from the most ungrateful sellers and producers of beauty supplies. I wanted to find out what group of people did the most plastic or cosmetic surgery and it was amazing to discover this because I always have loved Asians exotic looks and mostly everything they seem to want to change. From what I have learned in South Korea the people want to have a more "western" look or whatever that means. Not only do Koreans go overboard but people of other nationalities go to South Korea just to enjoy their doctors.

So the Award for 'Most Superficial" country goes to South Korea and they deserve this because they are true perfectionists in a way.

Just in case you do not know what superficial is, below is the meaning and I found the definition here.

: concerned only with what is obvious or apparent : not thorough or complete
: affecting only the outer part or surface of something : not deep or serious
: lying close to the surface

After South Korea comes some Latin American countries, Greece and Italy in a top 7 list..

If you want to look like a doll permanently and be "plastic" than take a trip to Korea.

Now I understand fully were this Korean man was coming from who works at a shoeshop who told me, " You are so pretty and thin, I am unlucky because I am ugly and big." This is a true story of what he told me and well I guess with all the Korean BBQ and other habits Koreans are naturally on the big side but I still admire their natural intelligence.

The moral of this is that these Koreans in America who have built a fortune from the weave they sale at their beauty supply stores can really thank the "Black community" for making their comfortable lifestyle possible. If no one else can I am going to be truthful and give credit where it is due.

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