Tuesday, September 10, 2013


As I go on through life's journey I have realized that you can not really expect everyone to be happy and have joy in their heart. Also, something that has caused harm previously because I let my guards down while loving my enemies too much. But now I am happy to know that God has realized that it is good to love your enemies but when they keep askin for a butt-kicking or have really had the intent of destroying you than finally you have to say no more at all. 

How amazing or some type of power to give back what the enemy deserves from them feeding you poison disguised as lies. I am very blessed and thankful to recognize the evil that is and has forever been going on and than knowing what needs to be done to get rid of the enemy. 

In chapter 7 of "Demon Proofing Prayers" by Bob Larson I learned the true essence of myself which is being a giver and very thankful to realize I have been "Outgiving the Enemy" all of my lifetime. Oh my darlings, I am just amazed when I realize all that God has blessed me with and recognizing what life is all about, which is the life lesson in Chapter 7: Be a Giver, Not a Taker.

Anways, I want to show love and give love until it hurts because that is exactly what is right for my soul, those who need it the most are strangers and enemies both alike. Darlings, now is the time for me to give the good fight and stand up and shout with all my soul along with my spirit, " I am not going to take whatever the enemy is giving me but I am am going to give them more of what they deserve!"

Now to the significance of 7 because people bring up the number and have questions when they see my "7" charm around my neck. For all of those who have common sense or know a little about religion than "The 7 Deadly Sins" may come to mind and than there is a more in-depth perspective from the Bible..

For a more spiritual and well-rounded perspective "7" signifies:

One of my personal favorite lucky numbers, seven is auspicious in matters of scholarly achievement. Seven is also associated with spiritual, psychic and intellectual development. It's the number of wisdom and higher reasoning. Seven is also a time-bound energy, it often signals good timing when seen in sequences. For example, if you see a series of seven in your day (on the clock, on bus tickets, license plates, room numbers, etc.) it often indicates good timing for scholarly/spiritual endeavors.


Than when it comes to Numerology.... 7 is...

The number seven is so great to me because it took me seven years just to get my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Urban Studies after taking a break and just enjoying life. You know what is the best about finishing what I started is that I kept on when many doubted me and the enemy told me to quit. After all my time spent in school I realized that we all can be teachers and the best one that has taught me comes from my life experiences. You know in life you just have to know that no matter all the evil going on and at work trying to stop you from acheiving. The best thing and only way to glory and love is to keep on going, and presevering despite the enemy.

Darlings, only be the grace of God have I made it this far and things are only starting to get fired up on the spiritual battles to come. Thank You for the Truth and sweetness in all the humans I have crossed paths with and righteous souls. I will continue to meditate and pray that what is started will be finished and fully completed for goodness sake.

Also, with some more of my research I realize that their are seven rays of light or color in a rainbow which also can represent the 7 Archangels.

  • Blue: Michael, leader of all the holy angels
  • Yellow: Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts
  • Pink: Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships
  • White: Gabriel, the angel of revelation
  • Green: Raphael, the angel of healing
  • Red: Uriel, the angel of wisdom
    • Purple: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy

    The constant in my life and prayer that I repeat often is that the "Lord have Mercy on my Soul and my enemies". The great thing about this is that my prayer is always answered and I am motivated to forgive the weak ones who know not what they do.

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