Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best type of Nutrition

I recently checked out this DVD that caught my eye because of the title "Food Matters: You are what you eat". I learned some really good stuff and nothing that comes of a suprise such as "Raw" being much healthier than "cooked" food.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables should make up more than half of meals or someone's diet overall which most people do not follow, and as a result the health of us has to suffer.

The truth is vitamins are okay and the body was meant to heal itself when it is being taken care of correctly. Nowadays though abusing the body is accepted because the corruption, as well as evil is ensuring the growth of hospitals and pharmeceutical companies.

What a wonderful planet Earth and Universe God has created with abundant resources that no man-made things are needed for perfect health.

If your food or medicine is not natural than something isn't right.

While attending the Aveda Institute, I was inspired and convinced after watching Food, Inc that any food produced from a cow would not be kasher for me. When I go in the grocery store and look in the meat section to see steak, ground this or that I am somewhat nauseated. How amazing to know what is really going on and although I still eat chicken, seafood and lamb when I go out, they are something that I do not cook. 

I only drink Almond Milk and I absolutely love the goodness of Coconut Milk because of the sweetness and flavor it adds to meals.

There is a better way, I know there has to be and Nutrition is the key because than will our bodies and self be in the best shape.

Both of these movies were released in 2008 and I did not see them until another four years and what a eye-opener to what really matters in life.

I am not consenting to the poison that is being produced for consumers as well as the animal kingdom. All the pollution in our bodies and Mother Earth comes from all the sinful acts done by man.

I am praying for the discipline and self-respect for people to say I disagree with how things are going and literally I am tired of being "sick" from the junk and crap dished out by corrupt ones.

Talk about evil and bad intentions, that are no longer going to unnoticed.

I love how the latest Time magazine is spotlighting Wall Street, and I am amazed because consumers (everyday people) are continuing to take the bullshit.

Let me tell you there is a better way and the best is yet to come. I've told someone before and this is the everyday reality, " I am fighting for my life."

When will we wake-up and know how to value ourselves?

This is a joke...Women lie, men lie; but numbers do not lie.

Sometimes I just am amazed at the threats and lies people have the nerves to be feeding me, it's like they really are begging for me to slap the taste they do not even have to begin with out of their mouths.

Darlings, God is more than Good and prayer truly works.

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