Thursday, September 5, 2013


Of course nothing compares to getting the day started right with a red velvet cupcake and white velvet (vegan) cupcake from Red Velvet in Penn Quarters area of DC. I tell you the truth: baking is quite and art in itself and Amen for baked goods.

   It has already been five days since my fast and life is good and I am happy that I went through this challenge in the first place. I know what is best for my body and have actually trained myself to have smaller portions and be contempt with that. Just like a lot of other people, food seems to be the one thing that will not turn their back on you and provides a lot of comfort; and unfortunately a lot of people are fine with taking advantage in being "greedy" for lack of a better word.

Oh but the biggest lesson I learned and to get down to the nitty gritty is that: There is no justifiable reason why starvation should exist in America or even the world for that matter!

My fast comes to a end at the perfect time because September just happens to be Hunger Action Month.

If I managed to be contempt and lively with only drinking juices, water and having two pieces of fruit for a day to weeks than many other people could survive. 

All of these campaigns to feed the hungry and donate to this or that starving child only exists due to greed and abuse and that is the honest truth. I see it everyday and yes I admit I have even been wasteful when eating out at a restaurant, so everyone should be well aware of all the perfectly good food that is thrown out in the trash.

The reality is that a select view gourmet or intelligent restuarants such as Pret Manger to name one know how to give the leftovers to a food bank or better yet some places only have smaller portions to be served.

The greed comes in with unreasonable prices for food and especially on high quality food because not all food sources are raised or grown equally.

There is no need for me to get into this because the fact is that we all know in our heart about ourselves and exactly what is going on in our neighborhoods, communities and maybe the world.

Maybe this hunger thing goes way beyond our bodies and goes deep into out minds and spirits.

Nothing is wrong with snacking throughout the day or even admitting well maybe I just might be spiritually hungry in fact.

For Hunger Action Month people should challenge themselves to go on a all liquid diet or just eat only fruits and vegetables in whatever form they see fit. I have had a peak of the promised land and you know it takes sacrifice and dedication to really know and accept the truth.

So while you may decide to go on your fasting challenge I applaud you, but now I am making September very sweet by enjoying a "sugar" diet of baked goods.

I have shared enough already but I will gladly reintroduce myself in the sunlight on a glorious day..........

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