Wednesday, September 18, 2013

True Beauty

I am very thankful and blessed to now understand what true beauty is all about. 

To tell you the truth that it was not until I asked to be made more beautiful I know exactly what being beautiful is all about. I recently told someone the reality about the insecurity withing myself in the past, "People would always tell me how beautiful or all the other big words for being attractive but I did not believe I was beautiful. The thing is that being beautiful has nothing to do with a look but a feeling, and now more than ever I feel beautiful."

People can give compliments of how great you look but when you are not feeling good than being beautiful can not be your truth. The best thing about being beautiful is that you choose to love yourself and when you have self-love than loving others is as easy as 1-2-3. If there is anything that we owe each other, that would be love and anything less is unacceptable.

As a make-up artist I deal with the superficial and enjoy giving people a fantasy but the truth is that true beauty comes from within and is nothing but love. I have been grateful and happy to be touched by some of the most beautiful souls and that is because they were all about true beauty. The dress size, inches in someone's waist, amount of make-up or skin color does not determine what makes someone really beautiful and so many do not realize that. Attraction or being easy on the eyes is different than being truly beautiful.

I am loving the October issue of Essence magazine because on the cover there is a topic of "beauty: inside and out".

Everything on from what I am seeing on the cover is showing how much beauty starts and can be found inside. What an amazing feeling to be able to give love coming from a pure heart. 

All the bullying and abuse that goes on is just coming from people who may feeling ugly and have chosen to oppose loving themselves as well as others. Now that I accept beauty I am always willing to fight against anyone abusing their "power" and love is what I choose all of the time. Beauty is to know as well as see that other's are hurting and take action to help them.

Love is life and that is the simple, most beautiful truth.

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