Monday, September 30, 2013

Movie Mondays

Just some views and words I had to share on the latest movie I went to see by Lee Daniel's: The Butler and how it has to do with this DVD I am watching "The Men who Built America".

Yes, I am all natural with no make-up on except my lipgloss by Bare Minerals MarvelousMOXIE in "Maverick".

What a exceptional cast of entertainer's in  "The Butler" who I love like Lenny Kravitz, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Mariah Carey. I recommend you go see this and you will get a real history lesson of how things once were to what things are in the present time.

In a Capitalistic System darlings everything is about class and how you are presenting yourself. To live life with dignity and love what you do while continuing to fight for what is right. I love both of these films because faith is everything and when you are anointed than you are living God's Will.

I love the story of John D. Rockfeller because he was truly blessed and love how he was a devout Christian, continuing to praise God in the Baptist Church. Life should be all about the legacy we are leaving behind in such a temporary state. Our souls are for eternity and when the last breath is taken all that will be left is ashes to ashed and dust to dust.

God bless the humble servants, those who are letting God's will be done and those inventing for the common of good of humanity.

The CEO may have their idea, drive, and other things but without the manpower than they would be nothing.

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