Friday, October 11, 2013

Blacker the berry, Sweeter the juice

" Just say yes to bronze and no to drugs!"

Everyone knows that bronze, brown and being black is always in style and just better for your health whether or not it brings resentment from fairer skinned and darker skinned people. It is a scientific fact that medium and darker skin tones will age more gracefully due to the amount of melanin and other natural substances in our bodies.

I have been wanting to make a entry about how beautiful I fine darker skin tones and the fact that they show less signs of aging if taken care of. This is a true a story but on my test for becoming liscensed one of the questions was, " Which groups ages faster, according to the FitzPatrick Skin scale?" and all the answers kind of made me feel like the question was racist, but the truth is the truth.

Although the advertisements may be having you think or feel you are not good enough or need to be more fair skinned to be attractive, do not believe the lies because you are beautiful the way you are. I mean if you have a darker skin tone you are not going to be burnt by the sun and are naturally tan, just think about it you were born with a great skin tone now the only thing to do is appreciate what you have.

For the more fair skin ones, I can not stress enought the importance of sunblock and really taking a good look in the mirror. I have another true story which is while I was going to Aveda, one of my guests was very burned from a trip spent in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was suprised because I was like, " you have to protect your skin and can not just be soaking up the rays for how long you want without damage being done."

For those who want to be tan and fair skin the best thing would be to go to a tanning salon because you will only be hurting yourself going out laying in the sun for hours.

Well, although it is in fashion to be tan everyone needs to learn to love themselves inside and out.

The truth is the Bible, and the Daily bread for today is "Gorgeous Inside". (Romans: 8:1-11)

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