Sunday, September 1, 2013


Lately, I have been reading which I love to do and I decided to share because I really care and maybe someone may decide one of the books are of interest to them. All I know is that I am blessed with the amazing grace and understanding of the lessons my higher and intellectual beings have endowed me with.

At first I didn't want to share all of this with the internet world and all the public to think or believe that I am some type of religious freak, but I have decided to come down to Earth because after all this is a "religious" world we are living in. Through my spiritual journey and just understanding human nature these books have given me clarity to how great and good the almighty creator is.

Highly recommended

This shows just how evil people can be and when people choose to abuse their power for living in complete darkness...

Amazing to realize the spirituality of systems of the world....

My bestseller and favorite design

From my special design that I love painting on shirts that I have sold to classmates in the past, I am am happy and so very thankful to realize that it has brought me to exactly where I am now on my journey. At first I did not understand, but I know that the choice of light versus darkness is so real now that I have found myself in the situations I am in. Not only does God not Ugly which is choosing to be consumed by negative feelings that allow us to act in ugly ways can be very lethal. (If anyone pays attention to my tweets I did mention that "If you feel some type of way don't get caught up in it" which is like be happy and don't worry).

I have to use myself as a prime example because I was faced with the choices of being Good, Bad or Ugly and I choose to be good by fighting for what is right. Once again I have a tale to tell and this is my true real life story. I looked at my options for beauty schools and decided on "Aveda Institute" because I was impressed with the products and what appeared to be a great institution. Well, of course I was wrong for believing that my education would be just as great as the veneer of the image that was being sold to me. To tell anyone the truth the Aveda Institute is owned by a whole other institute seperate from the storefront that sells the products online and in stores.

Anyways to get to my whole point, I realized the new owners who took over right around the time I started school whose name fits them perfect "Beauty Basics Incorporated" was not providing the service, equipment, policies and necessities for a Esthetician student who paid their full tuition. Coming to the realization that wrongdoings were being made I took a stand by being good to know that I was left with no choice but to take legal matter for receiving less than 100% from the Avedaq Institute. Now if I was bad than I would be like the rest of my classmates or "spa sisters" who could only complain and just take what was given to them which was nothing more than a big slap in the face if you ask me. Than the most worst case scenario to reciprocate what the school was giving out and act out right ugly would be to destroy them with no other considerations of other human beings. If the complete darkness and ugliness of "Beauty Basics Inc. " consumed me than I would have decided that setting the school on fire would be the best way to handle the situation, but that would be doing more damage than good.

I am thankful and blessed that I choose to go in the direction of light and love. Being good in these circumstances allowed me to be empowered to choose the humane way to resolve this issue by going through the Justice system. Being more spiritually aware and realizing that we all have choices to make on how to handle ourselves I  see things clearly.

Well the whole lesson of my story is the being good is having the strength to go forth and do what is right. Being good is following your heart and sometimes means going against what everyone else is doing. Than being bad means letting worldly things and everything that weighs you down be in control of how you act. Being a shiftless person that really well I don't want to focus on that because well everyone is in this state and that includes me. After watching Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing I am convinced that I am highly favored to brought to doing good work eventhough it hurts to be brought to this point. Than of course their is ugly which is plain evil which leads people to kill, violently abuse, sabotage others, harbor anger all the time or just have thoughts of wishing harm on others. 

The truth is that we all have some "Good, Bad and Ugly" in us and I know that when their is complete peace we all can coexist in each others goodness. Well, it just so happens everyone is at war with themselves and depending on how someone is feeling and if they choose light or darkness than there just won't be complete peace on Earth.

So the question always remains....Will you choose the dark or light?

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