Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Food for the Soul....

For Wellness Wednesday today I want to focus on the power of words or what the intentions behind them are made of.

The state of someone's intentions, thoughts and spirits can really put a whole new meaning to the words they speak and the power they give them. Of course I can really tell the truth and know that words are not just words because they are simply magical really. Everyone can either speak life which equates to love or speak death which is nothing but evil along with lies. 

One of the best things to do is give words of encouragement to others and be in good spirits with joy in our hearts. A lot of people's spirits are hungry for more and the best way to feed these souls is through Our Daily Bread as well as words of encouragement than words coming from trying to discourage someone else.

The evil ways of bad spirits are always at work and I am not afraid to call that out and know that there is a better way to go about living in the path of complete love. Today is the 12th Anniversary of the attacks that took place on "September 11th " which led to many strangers coming together to help one another and a new alertness in making sure that America is protected from the real threats of our national security.

In the presence of being attacked by the enemy, the love and light of God was alive because everyday ordinary people were able to become heroes. It always seems like people fall for paying more attention to what is dividing everyone and becoming raptured by bad spirits they forget about the grace of God. The truth is we all can help one another and words of love is what feeding the soul is all about.

"It's All About The Love" is the title of the Daily Bread.

We teach,encourage, and rebuke the evil....We weep and rejoice. The love we give is tender and tough and supportive.

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Darlings, stop the abuse and receive yor daily bread (not my photo)

(not my photo)

Receive love. Give love and repeat. Life and love is simple.

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