Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Once again I have another tale to share because yes God continues to work wonders in my life and I am blessed with so much gratitude. Anyways, this is the third day after my fast and I have been enjoying my food with the suprise that my body has definitely changed after my one month of fasting. I am not sre if my stomach is smaller or something is going on with my intestines but I know that I trained myself to eat less and be complete with smaller portions than before. I am more than thankful for this change and to be rescued from the American apetite that can be the main cause for all of the terrible health conditions.

Just to let you know that while I was on my fast I had no problems when it came to getting rid of toxins and waste that was no benefit to my body.

I may have been on the greedy side a little from enjoying food from one of my favorite restaurants and than going to a cookout afterwards. All within a five hour period I had yams, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, fried fish, baked beans, potato salad, half of a turkey burger and one fried chicken leg to "celebrate" Labor Day or just enjoy a American holiday. Well to my amazement the food did not sit well with me at all, because I was completely stuffed that in the midnight hour around 12:10 AM I akoke to pain right at the top- middle part of my ribcage. I did not even know what was going but I just knew the pain was excruciating and so bad calling 911 was the first option that came to mind. I just thought of the possiblities of this pain as maybe being caused from Gas or something going on with my small intestines. Well than I realized the fact that I do not even like hospitals, and being stuck in the Emergency Room is something I don't want to deal with so I called on my creator, the one and only Lord who is my heavenly savior. I said, " Oh Lord, my God I ask of you to take this pain away from me. Oh please I do not know where this is coming from and I just want this to go away." Of course God is so good and always on time with answering prayers that right away I knew what to do. The simple solution was that their was waste in me waiting to get out and all that was needed was a bowel movement. I mean wow amazing how after that the pain was instantly gone and this was something that could not be removed on my own, it took me asking my Lord for help.

I know it was not only me on my own alone that got me through my fast and of course I received help from my higher, most intelligent heavenly creator to remove the internal waste that was causing me pain. I find this story kind of funny and put a smile on my face to just think, " Oh God to get rid of this pain all that I needed was to sit on the toilet and take a s*&t!".

I tell you I was happy and filled with tears of joy because my God knows how much I love to avoid hospitals and being around sick people. How amazing to know and believe in the most powerful being to solve your problems which happened for me in the midnight hour. When you feel you can't go on or just need a extra push their is no help like that from God, his son and the Holy Spirit.

Maybe this story may have  a reader responding in a way as maybe Jasmine Darling should have used the bathroom before falling asleep or........the truth is I didn't feel the need to use the bathroom before falling asleep.

The bottom line or moral of this is that one of the best benefits of fasting:

1. No constipation

2. Decreases or lessens appearance of cellulite

3.Trimmer waist

4.Slimmer thighs

5.Radiant skin with smaller pores

6. sweeter blood which helps the mosquitos

Here are 10 other benefits of fasting.

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