Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eternal Peace

I do not take traffic in consideration or care for it, and that means both cars and humans. I love Asians but there are no Happy Endings to my service because I am no one's slave just a servant.

By your truly: JDG

Poetry in motion it is something about the way  I move. The strength in my touch, must be artist's hands.
Body of a dancer something like ballet or modern art.
I have a lot of moves and many to learn.
Like and love how I am at play.
All ready and set for you.
 You Got Served
I may be a servant but when I am into healing and making others feel good, what I do is far from work
I don't even break a sweat.
No I am no slave only a servant.
There are no happy endings.
Could imagine me as a skeleton to touch bones and feel
the very part of you that x-ray vision was made for.
But the wrong idea may come up.
The spa music and my touch against your skin takes you away.
to a place of purity that relaxation is all.
Take you away to where I live in a realm of paradise
for you to awaken back up to your reality.
While I am in my world of peace that you may visit during service.
There are no Happy Endings because there is no stopping eternity.
A eternity of gratitude...servitude...solitude.
Eternal peace with one's self.

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