Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eternal Peace

I do not take traffic in consideration or care for it, and that means both cars and humans. I love Asians but there are no Happy Endings to my service because I am no one's slave just a servant.

By your truly: JDG

Poetry in motion it is something about the way  I move. The strength in my touch, must be artist's hands.
Body of a dancer something like ballet or modern art.
I have a lot of moves and many to learn.
Like and love how I am at play.
All ready and set for you.
 You Got Served
I may be a servant but when I am into healing and making others feel good, what I do is far from work
I don't even break a sweat.
No I am no slave only a servant.
There are no happy endings.
Could imagine me as a skeleton to touch bones and feel
the very part of you that x-ray vision was made for.
But the wrong idea may come up.
The spa music and my touch against your skin takes you away.
to a place of purity that relaxation is all.
Take you away to where I live in a realm of paradise
for you to awaken back up to your reality.
While I am in my world of peace that you may visit during service.
There are no Happy Endings because there is no stopping eternity.
A eternity of gratitude...servitude...solitude.
Eternal peace with one's self.


The most fun I have had when it comes to working out is at Zumba classes with instructor Eric Ruiz every Wednesday. The music and dance moves always keep the body in movement and allows me to sweat a lot which doesn't come easy. These moves are something that can be done in the comfort of one's home but the energy from the group and interaction with the instructor makes loosing calories so much fun. I stayed behind after everyone left to attempt some ab workouts because I can afford to lose some inches in my waist. Very interesting how Wilma seemed to fail me after my recent workout and I now know she was always kind of jealous or couldn't hide that fact because I was having a lot of fun while sweating more than I really do.

Just on the contrary I love seeing Beyonce on the cover of Shape magazine for the April issue.

Looking to have fun and you are in the DC metro area than check out the Dance Institute of Washington in Columbia Heights for all the adult dance classes offered.

Still have some more work to do

Working out leaves me with good feelings
Mayday..mayday..I love a body with sunny disposition

Slimmer in the waist after one week.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cookies & Juice

Lately I have been into Tate's Bake Shop cookies and my favorite flavor is the White Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nut. These are the most crispy and on point tasting cookies that I have tried and others seem to want some of mines although they don't even know the flavor.

Although, these cookies taste way to good to actually be as healthy as they are because some are made gluten-free with unbleached flour. Other varieties include chip-less, whole-wheat, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and dark chocolate.

When it comes to juice I really love Bolthouse Farms, V8 Fusion and Blueprint which has specialty all organic varities. Vegetable and Fruit blends are very deliscious and nutritious compared to just fruit juice. I tried the Lemon Cayenne Agave flavor and it was so good and their are many other choices that Blueprint juices offer. Juice and cookies are great for a snack and the ones in this entry are not bad at all. Get to snacking with your own supply of cookies and juice.

Since I love juice so much I had to share this poem I wrote. Sort of an Oldie Goldie of how in love I am with juice that my water intake is not where it should be. I used to be into fruit juice only but vegetable is now a given as well as some flavored sparkling water.

"My J's"

I love my OJ. 

Just maybe as guilty as sin, but really innocent until proven the latter option.
Is it so wrong to exactly want you all the time.
Lucky for me I am always blessed by your nourishment.
Some may see as wrong, but never no doubts in my mind.
I mean AJ is ok to kick it with in the noon and afterwards. 
Even CJ is great and one of my favorites, very potent i must say at the least and one could never deny that.

But really it ain't nothing like my OJ although packed with so much acid, and others would say all day of him is just too much.
Just too much of a good thing turns out bad but in this situation is where i differ. 
Really ain't no doubt that OJ anytime of the day does a body good.
Something kinda unusual but it don't make it wrong.
If doing right by your terms is all there then, heck I am not trying be right.

Really right ain't the only way to go , there is left, back, front, side to side and down.

But as long as I got my OJ, CJ, AJ and one for life then up I will always go up.
Yes my juice( Got to have it), not even one or plurals will catch me without it; period.
High and dry I won't be left, because I stay with my J's.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am complete.....

Today, April 23, 2013 marks the completion of my schooling at the Aveda Institute for the Esthiology program. Came to school all bundled up because the temperature was in the forties and I left with so much warmth. How amazing that I have made it through this journey and made it to the "light" at the end of the tunnel. I am free, free at last to focus, get to my goals and realize my dreams. Things have become so real and I have reached a new point in maturity because I am forced to acknowledge and care about how others are feeling more than myself, and that's the essence of what being an Esthetician should be about besides a guest's epidermis. My eyes seem to be burning or sore from the sunlight that hit me and from holding crocodile tears of joy. Really, I didn't know how to act after leaving the building when the sunset has not come and gone already. It would be nice for others to feel as ecstatic as I do about graduating and now taking the next steps. Finding something that you are passionate about and want to learn more about constantly is a true gift. I don't always get the memo but I am thankful for the reminders of my blessings. 

Beauty or Cosmetology school really does take a lot out of someone or at least that is my experience. I wasn't in Brooklyn, New York for the duration of my education but I am filled with delight that all the episodes of "Everybody Hates Chris" is over with (something that I can't really explain). For the final thoughts of today, I was enlightened and kind of provoked after reading the Ebony Special Report in the May 2013 issue.

Once again I have had another epiphany as though....

Anacostia, I love the sound when it's pronounced.  Anacostia was not even in Wilma's dictionary but this instead "anachronism"

I love my hair with all it's color and glory.
Happy, Happy

It is what it is.
Joy, Joy

Spoiled nail polish in "Uh, As If"

Sun just glaring on me

filled with kit for State Board Licensing exam

Example of DC application

uniform to wear during test

Monday, April 22, 2013


I performed another eyebrow tint and until I perfect that service than I will be doing it free of charge for anyone interested. At school I use the Intensive brand but when it comes to house calls I use the tinting kits from Godefroy for eyebrows. For the eyelash tinting that will be for special requests only with appointments made at least four days in advance.

I do eyelash tinting and love doing eyebrow tinting because of the amazing results. If anyone is interested in have me host a "Tinting" party than let me know. Contact email is buymyartwork@aol.com and there is so much to look forward to.

The right eyebrow is thinner than the left one.

left brow before

After: Left brow looking like perfection

After: More bolder and fuller looking eyebrows

Up close tint in Medium Brown color
Another example and not my photo

Another example and not my photo

Not my photo and this is what the process looks like while the lashes are being colored.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Time

I was looking and feeling like spring time from my hair color to my make-up and insides, however the temperature was more like winter. Of course the weather is personified as someone with the Bipolar mental disorder but that's what Mother Earth commands.

My heart is somewhere in SW China to all those effected by the Earthquake. I know what truly matters or reminded of a higher power, but of course I seem to look glamorous while going on about my business. I have yet to come up with a poem for the commotion caused on April 20, 2013. Life seems long but it can always be cut short in an instance, so I only want to bring joy and laughter. For example things were heating up and humid like summer and now it feels like fall time. What a wonderful lesson Mother Earth has taught me for Earth Month. The death in the atmosphere will be removed eventually to reveal redemption and much needed love.

I love Nars Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer because it really does go on smooth like lotion and has great coverage with SPF sunscreen and their illuminators are absolutely amazing. Love how the colors on my face coincide with my scarf. 

Who is that in the back and I see the sexiness  in what appears to be a  Lavender button down.

Chinatown- Gallery Place just chilling

Lined the lower eyelids with this

Filled in my eyebrows and lined my lips with this. Definitely very iconic with a rich finish.

Red lipstick

Poodle- Lusciousness in need of a owner. Any buyers or bidders for such a lovely and rare poodle?
In the morning

"Orgasm" illuminator

Healthy Rose

after class all day my lips are on fire
line my top lids with this

Revlon Colorburst in "FIRE"