Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lost and Found

When tragedy strikes have no fear because there will always be the perfect poem to explain it or from my perspective have some correlation with the turn of events. This may seem odd but I wrote this poem today with intense emotions that my spirit directed me to express. I have a way with words and this poem somehow seem to have come to me before learning about the incident in Boston, MA. Well what seems to be up in New England region of the USA for 2013?


By: yours truly, JDG

I miss being a virgin.
The sweet smell of summer days filled with innocence 
Way before their was deep penetration
With a few traces of blood left on those dirty cotton sheets
Now Spring and Winter rock back and forth with no letting go.
Now all that's left are seams coming undone on my pillowcase
and my favorite pants right at the spot that touches my thigh leading too...
Damn something love waterfalls when the wheels
are set in motion triggering the gates to open wide for moments of pure ecstasy.
What amazing times and things awaited when innocence
lived free and vibrated all through me with hopefulness.
Almost like a fiend 
the need of one's tongue working between my lips is part of my algebra equation
That includes the teeth if feelings are mutual.
All the rage of facial muscles has to be in tune with the very nerves I crave.
In my puzzle there is no such thing as innocence.
Just spill everything out and I don't even need to spell this out.
How terrific to have a personal terrorist. Blowing each others mind all the time. Nothing but explosions and energy
Look at the wars caused and the smoke still fills the air.
Hard to breathe when underwater and just flows like water.
Way too deep inside and underneath everything.
 We declared war to only be dedicated to epic battles to the rest...

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