Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good Eats

For the last week I enjoyed some food from Chicken and Rice located in Washington, D. C. Atlas District and the famous Henry's Soul Cafe downtown. Who needs to eat on a budget when eating good costs and especially the lovely tastes of Indian, Thai Soul cuisine. One of these days I will become a true blue vegetarian when I can find a way to have enough protein to compensate for the meat that I enjoy so much. I just love my buccal nerve and buccinator muscle because without them I would probably have to eat from a straw. When it comes to eating properly everything that is ingested must be thought of as medicine because health is something that everyone can take into their own hands. 

Side of Mac-N-Cheese with some lemonade

Soul food is good for the soul. So good it makes my windows (eyes) a little blurry.

Waiting for the cook to come back.

Theme song from Jeopardy and still thinking  what's up.

Still waiting....but when it comes to Indian food, I always have time.
Recommended by USDA with the Vegetables and Fruit group being the most important.

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