Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wax On...Wax Off.

What is the meaning of all this mess that has been caused with me getting worked up into...all for the sake of beauty. Really waxing is not my thing at all because I don't like seeing anyone in pain and let's face it waxing can be a painful service. I had a day of waxing only in my recent class and of course I am always humbled and shall remain that way. Only two guests but I know I put my all or at least my dedication into their services and how nice that both guests were new to Washington, D.C. I have only done waxing on the face which includes the eyebrows, lips, chin and sideburns so doing the body was a new learning experience. Working on my application technique is of importance when it comes to my speed. Waxing has some nice results but the process is sort of exhaustive and takes some getting used to for someone that has been described by others using a big word like condescending

The whole purpose is to transform when it comes to waxing which I have been going through spiritually up to this point. My spirit has been exfoliated like wax naturally does to skin when ripped off and meditating will soothe my soul and spirit like tea tree oil does for the raw skin.

Despite my need for improvement when it comes to waxing the body below the decollete I will remain in the wonders of my own world while revisiting Chapter 18: Hair Removal.

What a day that lied ahead.

What you looking at?

I am a rare breed not that many can get like me.

Sun Rays and Smooches...

Okay I'm ready for whatever and that means walk-ins with my eyebrows kind of uneven.

Clean wax of eyebrows and lip with Heather

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