Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am complete.....

Today, April 23, 2013 marks the completion of my schooling at the Aveda Institute for the Esthiology program. Came to school all bundled up because the temperature was in the forties and I left with so much warmth. How amazing that I have made it through this journey and made it to the "light" at the end of the tunnel. I am free, free at last to focus, get to my goals and realize my dreams. Things have become so real and I have reached a new point in maturity because I am forced to acknowledge and care about how others are feeling more than myself, and that's the essence of what being an Esthetician should be about besides a guest's epidermis. My eyes seem to be burning or sore from the sunlight that hit me and from holding crocodile tears of joy. Really, I didn't know how to act after leaving the building when the sunset has not come and gone already. It would be nice for others to feel as ecstatic as I do about graduating and now taking the next steps. Finding something that you are passionate about and want to learn more about constantly is a true gift. I don't always get the memo but I am thankful for the reminders of my blessings. 

Beauty or Cosmetology school really does take a lot out of someone or at least that is my experience. I wasn't in Brooklyn, New York for the duration of my education but I am filled with delight that all the episodes of "Everybody Hates Chris" is over with (something that I can't really explain). For the final thoughts of today, I was enlightened and kind of provoked after reading the Ebony Special Report in the May 2013 issue.

Once again I have had another epiphany as though....

Anacostia, I love the sound when it's pronounced.  Anacostia was not even in Wilma's dictionary but this instead "anachronism"

I love my hair with all it's color and glory.
Happy, Happy

It is what it is.
Joy, Joy

Spoiled nail polish in "Uh, As If"

Sun just glaring on me

filled with kit for State Board Licensing exam

Example of DC application

uniform to wear during test

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