Friday, April 12, 2013

Not just Black and White...

More like many shades of Green and a extravagant time at The Heaven and Hell Club enjoying talented young artists who use Music as a outlet. I enjoyed a wonderful time in the Adams Morgan hood which is short for neighborhood for those who think it must mean something else. When you work hard or partake in activities like being in the service industry there is a tendency to have feelings of being drained from uneven  exchanges of energy. A lot of love and tenderness is given while working in the beauty/spa industry so enjoying music is a way to replenish what energy was taken away. I got my weekend started right after attending the show with a poet from Brooklyn Donald after running into him in route.

Seems like I got to experience what is a movement, check out the We are the 9, they are on twitter and instagram. The beauty of life is enjoying the talents in others and I love being entertained by true artists who are doing their thing completely. April 11, 2013 was a serendipitous kind of night with my spirit being replenished. Almost halfway through Earth Month and.....

What is done in the darkness shall come to light. You can't see me, can you?

Main attraction

Rev the Artist

only guitar player that night...maybe.


After some Black Bean Soup and Sour cream  this is what my lips look like.

Pulled up a chair on the dance floor and I am chilling.

Just like that because I am all that.

Not only is Donald a poet but he is a amateur photographer.

Donald told me it looks like I am about to hurt somebody...on the dance floor maybe.
Black Radiance lipstick in Copper Glow which isn't on the label, only 5023B (very rich in moisture and shine and you will only pay $3.00 at the most with taxes!)

Only getting started.

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