Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cookies & Juice

Lately I have been into Tate's Bake Shop cookies and my favorite flavor is the White Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nut. These are the most crispy and on point tasting cookies that I have tried and others seem to want some of mines although they don't even know the flavor.

Although, these cookies taste way to good to actually be as healthy as they are because some are made gluten-free with unbleached flour. Other varieties include chip-less, whole-wheat, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and dark chocolate.

When it comes to juice I really love Bolthouse Farms, V8 Fusion and Blueprint which has specialty all organic varities. Vegetable and Fruit blends are very deliscious and nutritious compared to just fruit juice. I tried the Lemon Cayenne Agave flavor and it was so good and their are many other choices that Blueprint juices offer. Juice and cookies are great for a snack and the ones in this entry are not bad at all. Get to snacking with your own supply of cookies and juice.

Since I love juice so much I had to share this poem I wrote. Sort of an Oldie Goldie of how in love I am with juice that my water intake is not where it should be. I used to be into fruit juice only but vegetable is now a given as well as some flavored sparkling water.

"My J's"

I love my OJ. 

Just maybe as guilty as sin, but really innocent until proven the latter option.
Is it so wrong to exactly want you all the time.
Lucky for me I am always blessed by your nourishment.
Some may see as wrong, but never no doubts in my mind.
I mean AJ is ok to kick it with in the noon and afterwards. 
Even CJ is great and one of my favorites, very potent i must say at the least and one could never deny that.

But really it ain't nothing like my OJ although packed with so much acid, and others would say all day of him is just too much.
Just too much of a good thing turns out bad but in this situation is where i differ. 
Really ain't no doubt that OJ anytime of the day does a body good.
Something kinda unusual but it don't make it wrong.
If doing right by your terms is all there then, heck I am not trying be right.

Really right ain't the only way to go , there is left, back, front, side to side and down.

But as long as I got my OJ, CJ, AJ and one for life then up I will always go up.
Yes my juice( Got to have it), not even one or plurals will catch me without it; period.
High and dry I won't be left, because I stay with my J's.

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