Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Time

I was looking and feeling like spring time from my hair color to my make-up and insides, however the temperature was more like winter. Of course the weather is personified as someone with the Bipolar mental disorder but that's what Mother Earth commands.

My heart is somewhere in SW China to all those effected by the Earthquake. I know what truly matters or reminded of a higher power, but of course I seem to look glamorous while going on about my business. I have yet to come up with a poem for the commotion caused on April 20, 2013. Life seems long but it can always be cut short in an instance, so I only want to bring joy and laughter. For example things were heating up and humid like summer and now it feels like fall time. What a wonderful lesson Mother Earth has taught me for Earth Month. The death in the atmosphere will be removed eventually to reveal redemption and much needed love.

I love Nars Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer because it really does go on smooth like lotion and has great coverage with SPF sunscreen and their illuminators are absolutely amazing. Love how the colors on my face coincide with my scarf. 

Who is that in the back and I see the sexiness  in what appears to be a  Lavender button down.

Chinatown- Gallery Place just chilling

Lined the lower eyelids with this

Filled in my eyebrows and lined my lips with this. Definitely very iconic with a rich finish.

Red lipstick

Poodle- Lusciousness in need of a owner. Any buyers or bidders for such a lovely and rare poodle?
In the morning

"Orgasm" illuminator

Healthy Rose

after class all day my lips are on fire
line my top lids with this

Revlon Colorburst in "FIRE"

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