Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The most fun I have had when it comes to working out is at Zumba classes with instructor Eric Ruiz every Wednesday. The music and dance moves always keep the body in movement and allows me to sweat a lot which doesn't come easy. These moves are something that can be done in the comfort of one's home but the energy from the group and interaction with the instructor makes loosing calories so much fun. I stayed behind after everyone left to attempt some ab workouts because I can afford to lose some inches in my waist. Very interesting how Wilma seemed to fail me after my recent workout and I now know she was always kind of jealous or couldn't hide that fact because I was having a lot of fun while sweating more than I really do.

Just on the contrary I love seeing Beyonce on the cover of Shape magazine for the April issue.

Looking to have fun and you are in the DC metro area than check out the Dance Institute of Washington in Columbia Heights for all the adult dance classes offered.

Still have some more work to do

Working out leaves me with good feelings
Mayday..mayday..I love a body with sunny disposition

Slimmer in the waist after one week.

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