Monday, April 15, 2013

Wacky & Weird Wednesday

The past Wednesday was a Water Day at Aveda for Earth Month and a Make-up day for me as well. Instructor Byas gave the assignment of going on a scavenger hunt for educational purposes to know what is new and in style for spring with make-up and the ingredients of a skincare line. Well Wednesday is just kind of weird because it is the middle of the week and I don't normally come to Aveda on that day. I learned a lot and the most memorable is that most people don't know anything about the ingredients that come in cosmetics. Nothing at Macy's was a "must have" for me because well it's just "Macy's" and it was a weird Wednesday. I was pleased to discover that Chanel has a skincare line and of course I went to Bare Mineral's counter to take a look to what goes in the products because I absolutely love the way the foundation feels on my skin. Nothing compares to having make-up that makes the complexion look flawless while feeling natural.
The feelings or facial expression of a Weird Wednesday
Fav blue eyeliner is Sapphire Strength

blossoms on the tree looking brilliant. Looks like the countryside but farther from the truth.

brighten up the all-black uniform with some rainbow shoelaces

The train has come and the spirits are alive and powerful. A  women and a men to end a prayer with some meditation.

here i go

Chinatown Hood in NW DC

Winking Wednesday 

I love and cherish my weirdness.

walking to Macy's for Wellness Wednesday

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world," Gandhi said it best and is printed on my Aveda shirt."


Tree and Buildings shady business..

on the hunt

Ingredients of the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick I like
Jack Pot

I choose the MAC mineralize rich lipstick in Lady at Play.

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